Website promotion really so important

      a website relies on content to win or technology?

      recently saw a lot of website promotion articles, don’t see don’t know to see a jump, website promotion method really multifarious, what kind of have, really is a big bird what all have.

      but is it really important to promote a website? Is the site in some areas for some groups have a good service, the role of this is not enough? The content of the website is excellent, the information is complete, the service is simple, this also is not enough? For example, now in the management of the value of the investment network,   the content of the site, the service is very humane, is a new investment service website. Provide an independent platform to enable users to find the value of the project to achieve maximum revenue. All the starting point from the user point of view, such a site also need to promote, can promote this thing.

      virtual things on the network are mostly, in the promotion of real life, sometimes people get the head of the big, and that the promotion of the virtual network, will not have a negative?

      someone will come up against me, I also know the significance of the promotion of a site, in the new site promotion in order to allow potential users to know there is such a website, information dissemination.

      website promotion when mature, stable operation will need to be reminded of what stage, what kind of promotion, we can turn to think, so we focus on the search, SEO, link, is the essence of the website the most important to ignore, it is not already have the order reversed. Think about this,……


      in marketing and planning circles there is a saying often cited, one is that the wine is not afraid of deep alley, one is: wine is also afraid of deep alley. For information on the Internet as well as the forest information society, usually there are many unknown to the public entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and the quality of products, and they are all less than CCTV on the list of the brand promotion, perhaps the author want to express is to promote to Quhuo, if there is no product with good content, eager to promote the you have the order reversed.

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