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Lele is the first person to sing on


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Lele back to the office, just removed from the industrial and Commercial Bank of 1760 yuan of "bang" sound, pat on the desk, and colleagues said: "we looked at the flowers, Zhengzhou Hotel pick."

it was a day in June 2011. "You don’t know how happy you were." Lele still remember that unexpected surprise.

Lele is a female teacher at a music school in Zhengzhou. In her spare time, she spoke to the microphone, singing in front of the computer at home, singing through a free voice tool called YY to the Internet, the other also has YY voice software listeners can listen in real time. YY is the development of more than 1760 yuan to the company signed singer Le Lefa’s first month of wages.

Lele playing online games, YY voice is the tool for her to play multiplayer games, and began to try to sing on the YY, the original is purely a hobby. She can not think of is that the same is playing, playing games to spend money, while singing can earn money.

was born in 2008 in the voice chat tool, because of good quality, not smooth jam etc., quickly seized the market share of more than 80%. Gamers have been inseparable from the YY, and thus, YY also involved in music, advertising, education and other fields.

In November 8th

YY, the parent company gathered era to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus, in November 21st will be officially listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol YY". In the company’s statement, YY is described as having the potential to become like Tencent’s QQ platform.

this may not be an exaggeration. In music, for example, in 2011, to play the music business income of 52 million yuan, to the end of the first half of 2012, revenue doubled up to about 92000000 yuan, accounting for 30% of the income of the whole company. Leisure time outside of the game is the achievement of the listing of the Chinese local Internet Co.

network concert

Lele was the first to sing on YY. The singer and music people at that time, or for love, or to show. Soon, Lele has some fans on YY. Initially, the performance of the fans love the way is to send virtual roses on the network, and money has nothing to do, if you sing well, others send roses, psychologically can get a satisfaction." Lele said.

YY music channel quickly fire up, while the number of popular channels reached tens of thousands of people online. It also allows the company to play and surprise surprise, in the game tool, YY accidentally broke into a imaginative entertainment market.

before YY decided to send money to the singer, Lele on the YY has been "super popular"

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