Digg CEO turnover and co-founder of the simmering

Beijing on April 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the United States news aggregator website Digg announced on Monday, the company co-founder and CEO Jerry · Adelson (Jay Adelson) has left. Digg another co-founder Kevin · (Kevin Rose) will serve as the acting chief executive officer of the company.

image: Jay · Adelson (left) and · Kevin;

U.S. technology blog TechCrunch founder Michael · (Michael Arrington); Arlington pointed out that last summer, there is news that the Digg board is considering ending cooperation with Adelson. But after the news, Adelson did not leave Digg, instead of moving from New York to California to work in order to confirm the rumors are not correct, Adelson.

but at Arlington shortly after a conversation with Ross, Ross made clear that "we the people will leave the company." Ross had said that he and Adelson before there are some contradictions.

sources from Digg said that the company is likely to leave Ross, rather than Adelson. Because Ross often does not appear in the office, and there is no clear task. The products work have been delivered to the company in November last year to join the former Google executives Kvaal · (Keval Desai) DESAY iran.

but Ross and Digg investors are dissatisfied with the direction of the company’s growth. Digg originally planned to have a fourth revision last year, but it was not until March that the work was completed. It is precisely because of this, Digg board of directors made a decision to let Ross back to the company, and served as a full-time job.

news that Ross’s fourth revision of the results of Digg is very unhappy, and plans to conduct a large-scale Digg re revision. Although Digg growth has lagged behind Twitter or some other companies, but Digg has achieved profitability, and the company’s revenue will reach $30 million this year.

Digg’s Adelson will be expelled from the company, largely because of a personal vendetta between Adelson and Ross, and eventually lead to the board of directors of the company must make a choice. Digg lost Ross will not be Digg, which is the last reason Adelson left the company.

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