Party C text readme Snowball finance website is this roll up

a simple page, basically can not see the advertising snowball finance website is how to roll up the side of salmon? Founder shared his feelings. After a period of work, he felt that investors are looking forward to a personalized service. So, he began to "personalized", "level" as the basis for the establishment of snowball. Today, he believes the snowball is a "social investment network," snowball like independent thinking investors together to study the company, talk about investment. This is snowball.

is the following on the snowball is how to roll up the original:

from the first day I started to make a snowball, I was often asked a question: what is the reference to snowball? Whenever asked this question, I am a bit embarrassed. As we often hear in the entrepreneurial story there is a blueprint for the United states. Founder of the blueprint for the Chinese style processing, successfully made a product of their own.

but there’s no American snowball. I don’t know how to tell my story. So let me tell you a story about me as an ordinary investor.

an ordinary investor demand

in 2006, I was working in another respectable company, because the company gave me a little option, I gradually became interested in investing in the stock market. As a stock investor, I have two basic needs.

first, I have to follow the stock I watch, check their prices, see the news about them, and occasionally see a few analysts report. Second, I want to see what other investors in, what is also very interested, and I hope my concern with the same company investors exchange their views on the solution to see what is different with me, their information and thinking have I never reach.

I have what services can be used

interface at that time? "With brightly coloured K-line" software stocks, according to the editorial judgment rather than I need arrangement of the financial news website, I have never met, but was claimed to have "inside information" of investors in various chat group, and bank to sell me the claim to I meet the individual demands of investment products……

although I contact investment soon, intuition told me that these services can not meet my needs.

so, why don’t I do it myself?

this is the starting point for me to make a snowball: I believe that there are more than one of these needs of investors, and that there are better ways to meet these needs.

how to personalize

is now the age of information overload. So first of all, I want to solve the problem of information personalization.

as mentioned earlier, I would like to focus on the first I am interested in the stock, second want to pay attention to the people I am interested in. So believe

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