nternet entrepreneurship – the characteristics of entrepreneurs

      see this title, a lot of friends will laugh and say, I was in the business, because I have a few stations, but also in the traffic earned RMB. For you, is in the business, but I think it is a small business, you rely on the instant flow to the so-called SEO ranked after, but the real business of their economic interests mainly from the user, so that you also can not be called real business. Real entrepreneurs need to have a lot of characteristics, we look at the following.

      one, they look far, imagination is very strong, can show a few years after the social situation. Take the largest Chinese mailbox NetEase, its founders should be aware of the basic status of e-mail in the mailbox before the development of today. To seize mailbox gerrymandering, began to enter the online (Westward Journey), news and other fields, eventually become a dominant Chinese on the internet.

      two, good observation and careful discovery. In fact, the market everywhere, just waiting for you to find it. Like what the 21 group purchase network, its founder, completely rely on the subtle observation found a lot of buyers that have no time to organize group purchase of selected products, so there were 51 group purchase network, which is completely new markets under the fast pace of modern life. In this kind of site inside of what impressed me most is a small errands website of Guangdong, the founder of the only junior high school culture. He is a migrant worker, but with his own eyes found a fresh market, errands. Indeed, in the bustling metropolis, people to buy something to stand in a long queue, for a few hours of this charge such as hydropower, those earners a complete waste of time, so he thought these people with their time in exchange for money earners, run from the second leg to run network specifically for somebody else to do these things. Last time I went to see it, the development is still very good.

      three, we must have perseverance unremittingly, hard-working spirit, who knows how to put a web site that is to do a lot of effort, now the basic grassroots webmaster reflection is sleep later than the dog, get up earlier than chicken, a lot of people doing boredom and shrink surrender. Xiamen Webmaster Station is not a lot of industry chiefs, are doing a lot of years to succeed?

      four, have the ability to guide people to induce people’s habits. The best embodiment of this ability in the Teng Xun Mr. Ma Huateng, you can not see, and now there are a few Internet users do not know QQ, even the most Internet users began to know QQ chat this argument. And QQ is the first communication products? No, at that time there are Internet chat and e-mail, but now in China, QQ has become synonymous with online chat, and become one of the most influential products, but also changed some of the habits of people. Even in the United States is relatively developed information, MSN did not do in the country >

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