Happy net won the two round of financing or new investors Qiming

well-known domestic SNS website happy network (kaixin001.com), in the global capital markets fall into the bottom of the big environment, start the second round of financing plan, so widespread concern.

, according to informed sources, happy network has quietly completed the second round of financing, and ultimately in this round of financing of venture capital institutions, and LIAN sources than the earlier media widely, but the limelight in the circle of increasingly qiming. The source said that this round of financing is expected to total $20 million.

The implementation of

on happy net the second round of financing plan, market rumors always can be heard without end. There have been media reports that the second round of financing has been settled, in addition to the first round of investors NLVC ceyuan, LIAN will participate in this round of financing. But according to informed sources, the second round of financing is already finalized, in addition to the northern lights continue to increase investment, another new investors are halfway blaze "qiming. This round of the total amount of up to $20 million." In this regard, Qiming director Gan Jianping to comment, said only No comment".

Weakness lends wings to rumours. not without reason. Jiayuan, has funded over a day time, all the source network in the field of investment Qiming, talked about the focus of this year had said, "will continue to pay attention to the Internet industry".

senior investment community believes that for Internet companies, the flow of people is a very necessary prerequisite considerations. As long as there is sufficient flow of people, a good business model can be designed slowly." Baidu index shows that as of April 13th, a week since the website user attention increased by 11%, within a month of user attention is increased by 73%. Chinese Search List Ranking in the thirteenth week of 2009, the popular search TOP50, happy net ranked in the same place, with the SNS website belongs to the school network is ranked.

The reporter found in the

, happy net login page, sponsorship advertising has begun to appear and gradually increased; in addition, some of the old components of happy net, such as "gifts", "friend buying and selling", "parking dispute", also have a built-in advertising, and a new component "recently appeared very courteous, is a subsidiary of wall’s magnum ice cream" tailored".

advertising industry veteran told reporters that the happy network advertising model is still being explored, but the advertising effect has begun to show. According to reports, the current happy network advertising price according to location, different models to take different charges, ranging from a few million to several million dollars.

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