Google anti piracy algorithm does not affect the popular UGC site

Google spokesman in an interview with the U.S. technology blog The Verge said that the company’s latest anti piracy algorithm does not affect the famous user original content (UGC) site rankings.

spokesman said that anti piracy is only one of the many factors considered in the Google ranking algorithm. In addition, there are more than and 200 other factors. Therefore, the company believes that this new measure will not affect the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon (micro-blog) and a large number of users with the original content of the site.

Google spokesman said the company has been on the new algorithm of internal testing, did not find this kind of website ranking changes, and this algorithm also aims to provide users with more useful search results. According to Google, the so-called "more helpful results," is to help users more easily find high-quality sources of legitimate content".

Google has just announced a new algorithm, there are industry insiders speculated that YouTube and other Google’s website is not in the new algorithm to adjust the list. U.S. technology blog Search Engine editor Danny · (Sullivan), (Danny Land) believes that YouTube will not lose the search rankings, because the site has an independent pirated content removal system. Google also said: our search rankings treat YouTube and other sites equally. Nevertheless, we expect this change will not lead to the popularity of the original content of the site to reduce the ranking."

now it seems that Google is not worried that the new algorithm will affect the ranking of YouTube, the reason lies in: this company will use a variety of parameters to determine the ranking of search results, though YouTube and similar sites may be due to delete pirated content requirements are "negative", but not enough to get more than the other parameters are divided "". In other words, only those who can not use positive points to offset the negative points of the site will be downgraded.

some people worry that Google may provide special care for YouTube, but in fact, not only will not care, and may be more stringent. The reason is that the new algorithm will also consider the use of Google search tools and YouTube internal mechanism to submit pirated content delete application. Google spokesman said that because Google can not understand the pirated content of other sites to delete the process, so YouTube has received a higher standard.

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