The experience of a junior high school student’s own website

      Hello everyone, my name is Huang Xinwei, 22 years old this year. I am now the webmaster network, I come to tell you about my website entrepreneurial experience, I hope to give you some help!

      after graduating from junior high school in 2001, due to my poor results in the exam, failed to continue to go to high school. Lost all day at home after more than a month. On rural sell cheap labor for a living, because parents can not bear to see me sad all day and with their back facing loess way of life in the countryside for a lifetime. So I want to go to learn some of the technology, the future is to go out to work to find a job will be a little better. Learn what technology. Mechanical maintenance, my body is thin and small. I’m afraid I can’t take it. What to learn? The father inquired about the west. Then listen to the people in the village to learn computer well. The computer is popular, they recoil office typing, a work below, and easy and clean, more suitable for me such a quiet man.

      determined to learn computer technology, the father decided to send me to a computer training school in Wuhan. Soon after I went to that school, I learned to surf the Internet with the help of my classmates, and I was deeply attached to the network. There is a time to go to Internet cafes, but I have a few points is the Internet to play online games, mainly on some websites, see journalism computer knowledge etc.. Because the school only taught the word processing and picture processing, since I learned on the website, the website is very interested, then time went online to find some web information on and go to the bookstore to buy some books from school. Soon after a year at school, you have to go to work. Because the school to help find a job, so the work itself is not worried, and soon I went to a printing plant to go to work, the main text typesetting and image processing.

      my ideal is to be a web designer, so I work in the printing plant in the spare time to learn the knowledge of website production. Working in the printing factory for more than three of the time from the out, want to find a network related work in Wuhan, but for a long time did not find, so we can find a job, not how long I work out from the company, in addition to closer to the end of the year in Wuhan, the job is not so good, so not to find a job, but to go back home. Years later, I did not go to Wuhan, but went to Shenzhen, because there is a cousin in Shenzhen, said that the work can be compared.

      go to Shenzhen, I was in my cousin house down, and then began looking for a job, unfortunately, it was catching up with Guangdong during the SARS period, when jobs are scarce, in addition to a who had no money and no qualifications, so just to find a the job is to do the electric.

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