The P2P platform and is now wonderful announcement experts remind investors to run away their eyes

Beijing company called P2P platform profits through their vote "WeChat push" run away ".


source: Vision China

With the acceleration of the

net loan industry to accelerate, more than one thousand P2P platform has become a problem platform, the emergence of cash withdrawal difficulties, or even stop on foot. In the tide of rectification, P2P problem platform wonderful foot endless announcement.

the evening of January 9th, the Beijing company called P2P platform profit vote "push a WeChat public number and stunned investors, this article titled" [cast] profit run!!!!! "Article by its staff editor released, said the investment profitability has run away, the company was the seizure of his fellow victims. The article also announced the boss Wu Zhishuang’s identity card, mobile phone and other personal information and urged investors to "see this person, please call 110 people".


platform in the official website issued an emergency notice "solution" overdue clarification, saying that due to the end part of the borrower overdue, Wu to go out looking for friends when fundraising payment, part of the cast of friends to the irrational behavior, leading to the platform property is closed the door, we make a hard decision to suspend business, amortize investors of all investment funds". However, according to the net loan home page of the company’s comments on the page of the investor, investors have no confidence in this announcement, saying patience in waiting for payment has been exhausted.

2016 a "shocking" run away the announcement has caused by heat net loan industry conference.

believe that there is a concern to remember the most "perfect" announcement: run away in February last year, a company called "xinliyuan" P2P platform release announcement in the home run away, claiming to be the legal representative of the platform Liu Yongxin, called "Lao Tzu is to get money, and I lied to you?" said the announcement will be released at the same time, Liu Yongxin ID and address in the official website. Then the official website can not open.


and "fierce intellect is opposite to" run away Shandong a Tai’an Tongxin venture platform, this platform has a large number of investors questioned before the platform information announcement last year and drawings, said: the boss has been cremated. The picture was the boss of the medical certificate of death and cremation certificate, the cause of death column labeled cardiac arrest".



recently, the net loan home surplus can joint advisory issued "2016 annual report" Chinese network lending industry inventory in the past year platform, P2P net loan industry rectification and platform operating pressure high, the number of platforms to exit compared to 2015 to further increase the number of a year and business platform to reach 1741. But compared to previous years, the number of closed type of platform far exceeds the number of foot problems

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