Group purchase website again cold half of group purchase of less than 17 people to buy

According to the statistical report of

group purchase navigation site 800 released the latest (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), the mainstream of domestic group purchase site turnover following after falling in September fell 4.3% to 1 billion 780 million yuan, the number of single 9772 316 thousand, however, 34 million 784 thousand people have purchased the first degrees lower than the same period last year. In the industry view, buy websites and businesses need to improve the performance of single group to attract customers.

turnover fell nearly one billion yuan to return to May level

the ups and downs of the group purchase industry once again suffered cold". According to the group 800 data show that in October the total turnover of the domestic group buying site fell by $80 million, down to $1 billion 780 million, back to the level of May, the number of visitors since the fall in September continued to fall by 3.1%. In the past two months, the total monthly turnover of the group buying market has been compared with the peak in August fell by $330 million. In addition, as of the end of October, the national total of 2908 group purchase website, a decrease of 11 compared to September.

in the industry view, the overall performance of the market in October to buy the market downturn and the month there is a certain relationship to the environment. Data show that this year during the holidays, a total of 425 million tourists trips, an increase of 40% over last year, many users choose to holiday travel, no purchase and consumption group purchase time, plus courier during this period in a semi closed state, the local service and physical group purchase are subject to a certain impact. In addition, since the end of October the electricity supplier website have to prepare for the "double 11" large-scale promotional activities notice, some netizens are optimistic about the "double 11" purse is "double 11" split, resulting from outside interference of the group purchase sales cycle is only three weeks.

more than half of the total turnover of less than 1200 yuan to buy

Although people buy

continued to decline, but in October the group purchase in the sale of a single group number has soared since April this year, the single reached 316 thousand, representing an increase of 192.6% in April. In this regard, insiders admitted only provide richer and can inhibit the growth of user group purchase group purchase diversion, but fortunately, a large number of businesses have been regarded as the conventional group purchase new customer sales channels, the current online sale cycle products generally group purchase of more than 7 days, the sales cycle for 3 months and 6 months the local service group purchase It is often seen.

in addition, the current user’s purchase behavior is mainly concentrated in the high quality single. According to statistics, a single buy from the shelves to the shelves, there are more than half of the total turnover of less than 1200 yuan a single group, the purchase of more than 17 people only about 50%. Although a few buy products can become the day of the popular single people snapped up, but most often need to buy online sales for a week or even a month, in order to harvest a few consumer orders.

buy back to the initial collective purchasing


continued to decline for two months seems to buy the industry in the hope that the recovery of the four seasons bleak, but still can be found from the comparison of the annual data from the impetuous bubble into reality >

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