Three years after graduation, have a shameful life

I am 24 years old, three years after graduation, have a shameful life

details, said the general situation of the day is like this, usually around 10 in the morning to get up, generally do not eat breakfast, wake up directly to open the computer on the Internet,

is the main shopping forum, like the laggards; webmaster there is my own small Joseph Cheng Chinese network

normally on the network to play at 12 o’clock, sometimes to a XXX, just eat lunch, and then at night all night movie download computer hang……

at 3 p.m., XXX once, then take a bath, continue to surf the Internet, see the forum or post

5:30 in the afternoon, to work outside the parents cooking.

PM6 about half a point, a family dinner.

PM7 – 12, Internet everywhere, or consider what movie; or a person to go out for a circle, is now the winter cold summer, I would not go out, here we have a relatively large shopping malls, a lot of beautiful women, I often go to the party.

my mother made money will give me 300 pocket money, not surprisingly, is in the first month, of course, sometimes my mom’s boss will wage arrears. After I get my pocket money, I usually go to a dance, a person to go, no face to call a friend. I generally go to spend about half an hour after the first look at what is the most beautiful beauty, and then find them jump 2~3 first, consumption is not high, a night is about 30~50 dollars. Sometimes I get pocket money, will go to the first lady, is home to 10 to see if there is no beauty, and then choose the most beautiful of the play, a young lady and I finished kissing my forehead, asked me to leave my phone number. I want to still want to refuse, I think she and I are on the edge of the city people, but I was afraid she would take some dubious people come to me, I am afraid of trouble.

me 300 bucks a month pocket money basically enough, because eating is to eat at home, sometimes my mother will be at work when I eat, is generally Steamed Buns sometimes these rolls, delicious food, such as beef with bread and cake these. Sometimes she hid it until the morning of the second day, so I didn’t eat it at night. Sometimes I get up in the morning and see the food on the table. I know she hid it last night. I smoke a pack a day. The general is 2 piece of 5 camellia, sometimes a good mood, like the following good come out large waiting to see what the package would buy expensive cigarettes, for example, 5 dollars of these red. I remember watching the Transformers, I even bought a packet of 7 dollars in Hongta mountain, has been reluctant to smoke, and Camellia mixed with smoke smoked for 5 days. I remember at the beginning of this year

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