The 5 anniversary of Chinese portal concept scale

renamed Chinese from 2005 to now, 5 years. In the support of new and old customers, "China between these 5 years has won the award, and the continuous innovation and development, officially launched many excellent platforms, including English international, enterprise service platform.

CNNIC top-level domain name from 2005 renamed Chinese registered certification, renamed China officially launched "platform in August of the same year, a road of development, and constantly adapt to the development of the industry and change, many upgrades platform and technology system, and also introduced the domain name, domain name, domain name, forum information channel, has diversified development platform China, committed to doing the best domain name website.

in the preferential policy, "Chinese continuous introduction of favorable policies, including gold policy, transaction fee discount policy. In the last year when unrest CN domain name registration and market price, "Chinese will be the first CN domain name registration fee is reduced to 3 yuan / year, opened a new chapter in the CN domain name market.

in the domain name transaction mode, renamed Chinese has been trying to optimize the integration of China previously domain name trading patterns has been in a variety of models, many domain name investors are troubled, 2010, renamed Chinese currently trading domain optimization and integration of a variety of ways, officially launched the "domain name trading center" channel, and put forward the new concept of "domain name trading for the first time. The domain name" self-service way renamed "Amoy domain", in order to provide users with more independent domain name trading operations.

reporter learned that the domain name trading center channel including "domain name, domain name brokerage intermediary, self-service and other three kinds of transaction mode, the channel to guide the user convenient transactions, especially the" launched Amoy domain name ", to achieve the user fundamentally barrier free self-service transaction cost, more savings, by ordinary investors love.

"Chinese relevant responsible person said," the development of the "China cannot do without the support of new and old customers, since 5 years, the accession number China renamed unabated, thank all the support for China renamed, renamed China in the future will continue to strive to develop, grow up with you."

establish cooperative principal-agent relationship with Baidu, brother, Sina, Gu Chinese stationmaster station, Tencent, 360, ylmf, MasterCard and other large enterprises at home and abroad with the name China, by China renamed "domain name trading center" the success of the transaction is the domain name in the industry is said to have a great influence, such as:,,, and other boutique domain.

China was renamed as the market demand for the transformation, I believe in the near future, will be better for the domain name market, service for investors, become the domain name industry leading portal website.

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