Misunderstanding about business models to find your own characteristics

you must first clear: make money to those who can not make money on what people.

some money can be collected, some of the money can not be collected, random collection of user money is not a clever means.

when your client feels that something is not worth it, your end is coming.

as a saying goes: come out mixed, sooner or later is to return.


is mixed well, and also it is not only the cost of capital, but.

once again reminded: when you do not have confidence in their business, do not receive the user’s money!

in this article, I would like to discuss the business model with you. Yes, as you think, this is a question of how to "steal" money from the user’s pocket. How clever and flexible to steal, how to make customers willing to give, entrepreneurs have been troubled. All users would not pay for the things they do not love (no doubt), most users will not pay for their own love things — as long as possible, users are interested in this kind of activity for, unless you give the reason, let users pay non can not, otherwise, no way.

we usually think that getting a so-called business model is like cooking a dish, climbing a mountain, or even about the same as a simple, in fact, they are definitely not simple. To master the heat of cooking, climbing to help sweating, dating to sexual gratification, you may be able to climb the mountain, cooking, and date (this is the power of each person), but not necessarily do well. Back to the topic, not doing good things, it is not a good business model. If you do not have a good idea to launch a good business model, then you do not deliberately pry into the pocket money. You should calm down and think about what makes money better than online advertising. I have to admit that I have always felt that online advertising is a good business model.

this time, I think the question we can think about: you can money to those who can not make money for what? Of course, the money should, you have to be proud of the products and services. If you don’t have to be proud of the product and service, so you still think about your products and services, the money issue you may want to also don’t want to.

in reality, it is easy to make such a mistake, see what someone did, to make money, we will think of doing the same thing, we can also make money, so we also hesitate to start doing this thing. Imagine, when a large number of dazzled people are doing the same thing, with their motive and purpose, which triggered a price war, homogenization and the decline in the quality of products, customers can choose the phenomenon, how much money can flow into our pockets.

don’t do the same thing. Boldly imagine, play your childhood with rich imagination, for your unrealistic impulse dream and dream.

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