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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 5th news, Wanda electricity supplier for three years for two CEO news yesterday, said Wanda electricity supplier CEO Dong policy has officially discharged from the electricity supplier in June 3rd, will go to Australia to take care of their families.

at the end of August last year, Wanda joint Baidu, the big two Tencent set up electricity supplier company, Dong CE Ren CEO, but took office less than a year he left secret. Prior to Dong policy, Wanda electricity supplier after another CEO Gong Yitao served two years after leaving. And is scheduled for the afternoon of June 4th in Beijing Wanda electricity supplier executives met also postponed.

executives frequently change the entire industry to Wanda electricity supplier, impression is very clear: one is the newly established Wanda electricity supplier called out "2 million annual salary to recruit talents" slogan; two is the last joint Baidu Tencent 5 billion to set up a new electricity supplier company. Now it seems that these two messages just brush the sense of presence. Three years, Wanda electricity supplier in addition to the line on the two sites, there is no real landing action.

insiders said the frequent loss of executives and Wanda’s own corporate culture is not unrelated. As everyone knows, Wanda is an implementation of the militarization of the management of traditional enterprises, this relatively conservative corporate culture, and pay attention to the innovation and the Internet culture is not in trial and error. In the internal communication and the concept, the contradiction between the two modes of thinking.

from 2012 to date, Wanda electricity supplier development has been three years. Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said earlier that Wanda will begin the fourth transformation in 2015, from the real estate business to service companies, by 2020, Wanda electricity supplier will be one of the Wanda Group’s four plates. Wang Jianlin specifically referred to his understanding of O2O, O2O is in the mobile Internet era, the integration of online and offline, improve the consumption of new business models. There are four key words: Mobile Internet, online and offline integration, improve consumption, new business model, the core is to promote consumption."

although O2O is the trend, but Wanda electricity supplier has not seen too much exploration. Insiders said, in the past, Wanda itself on the electricity supplier strategy and organizational structure also did not think clearly, the strategy has experienced several changes, which is an important cause of the frequent change. It is reported that Gong Yitao had helped to complete the process of Wanda electricity supplier from 0 to 1: set up the architecture of O2O, making O2O the overall strategy, establish a line oriented, using the Internet and electronic business methods and technology to optimize the line, the goal of increasing the value of its core assets of commercial real estate.

Business Analysis Division Lu Zhenwang said, the future business model Wanda electricity supplier is still O2O, but how to get it to the Internet, is very important, "Wanda electricity on, or Wanda Plaza, theaters, department stores, Wanda electricity supplier to deal with other new CEO service module."

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