Zhou Daqi the role and value of the soft

recently in the major portals we often see news about the discovery of the tomb of Cao Cao: for example, today in January 4, 2009, Sina in the domestic news and have a "experts say May 1 female corpse Tomb of Cao Cao in" poisoning death that looks very suddenly, but I have to search about 09 years in December in the Sina online will find there are a lot of news.

experts say the tomb of Cao Cao may be caused by broken Pai destroyed tomb (04 11:14)

Hebei nationals questioned the tomb of Cao Cao, Henan, said 2006 has been found (04 08:44)

experts say the body of a woman in the tomb of Cao Cao may be killed (04 02:09)

experts say there are still around the tomb of Cao Cao, Gaoling (Figure) (03 14:35)

Anhui, Bozhou intends to explore the tomb of suspected Cao Cao (03 10:37)

Anhui Bozhou plans to suspected Tomb of Cao Cao Shanmu Guanyin (02 15:45)


Cao Cao Gaoling’s new tourist attractions (Photos) (02 12:58)

Cao Cao’s tomb into new tourist attractions villagers smell opportunities (02 05:22


expert: DNA identification will damage the skull of Cao Cao (02 05:10)

Cao Cao tomb excavation behind the scenes: Anyang has invested about 6000000 yuan (02 03:07)

our attention has been drawn to the news of Henan’s excavation of the tomb of Cao Cao. These articles have some common features: to attract us to the "Cao Cao tomb", these articles provide information on the "Tomb of the tomb of Cao Cao" features and clues, inspired some of our ideas. In fact, this is the so-called soft. What is the teacher of the soft soft, Zhu Zerong already had a detailed definition: in addition to political, military, economic and social problems of the crime and the people’s livelihood, news, reviews, articles are usually soft, such as art, entertainment and lifestyle are regarded as soft.

in the soft inside we have found such information into the tomb of Cao Cao’s new tourist attractions villagers smell opportunities (02 05:22) "and" the tomb of Cao Cao at least a year can bring 420 million yuan economic benefits, for the news, many users began to doubt, dished out the "found the tomb of Cao Cao will become the Henan version of the Southern China tiger" this point of view, now online "the tomb of Cao Cao the authenticity of this problem appears in a fierce dispute.

Affirmative view: Academy of Social Sciences experts said Cao Cao tomb has certain

experts explain the reasons for determining the tomb of Cao Cao: the location of the tomb and record consistent

scholars said the tomb was found that the evidence is sufficient

Cao Cao

point of view: experts say the tomb of Cao Cao.

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