2017 nternet eight guess 5G era comes from the media industry reshuffle

innate innovation genes, so that change has become the eternal theme of the Internet world. Between people, between people and society, are deeply involved in the Internet because of the depth of rewriting, the release of more likely.

2017, traditional industries and the Internet how to spark station? How is the change of air, whimsy and new experience? Network "giant" and "unicorn" story, who will write a new legend


at the beginning of the new year, we once again launched the 2017 Internet eight guess". Although only the prediction, we still look forward to: expect more concepts and techniques that fall flowering, daily living more convenient and more comfortable wisdom; look forward to more standard and perfect, let freedom without losing the self-discipline of network space, more interesting is not contrary to their expectations and orderly; to participate, both for the sharing of pay, also can activate the dream to travel in the tide of the times.

a better future will come true in these expectations……

– editor

conjecture 1

5G era accelerated advent

China’s 5G research and development into the technical program verification and system verification stage, the technology will have a new breakthrough or

In 2016

, very simple code scheme of communication field the most exciting news is the representative of HUAWEI China, the main push of the selected 5G standard, let Chinese company first entered the field based communication framework agreement.

also last year, the development of 5G written into the "2025", "13th Five-Year China manufacturing plan" and "13th Five-Year" National Informatization Plan ". By 2020, 5G will complete the technology research and testing and commercial deployment.

5G network has three main characteristics. High rate, is not only a second download 30 film so simple, VR, AR, cloud technology will be seamless and life; high reliability and low delay, let the unmanned, remote operation is no longer far away; large number of network terminals, will form a more broad and open Internet, let the wisdom, the wisdom of the city can be Home Furnishing.

2017, more focus on vertical industry 5G standards will be introduced, in order to adapt to a variety of equipment, all things Internet access 5G era; China 5G research and development, will enter the technical scheme of verification and system verification stage, technology may have a new breakthrough; more experimental and conceptual 5G products, or will continue to release. Let people feel.

The arrival of the era of

5G, a vision. Although there is a certain distance from the 2020 official business, but with the supporting and home appliances, automotive, medical, game industry standard 5G 5G technology have been introduced, with continuous improvement and progress, with a large number of 5G products have emerged, attractive 5G era, like a jigsaw, gradually in front of us. (reporter Xu Qing)

conjecture 2

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