After 2000, the Chinese nternet has never been a revolution

2004 search engine wars smoke has not cleared, the concept of WEB2.0 in 2005 was floating over the Internet in 2006, but also do not know what fresh thing sprang to attract the attention of netizens. As for the other concepts are emerging, such as: the reconstruction of the web, online advertising reform, etc.. The Internet elite, the Internet practitioners (including my personal webmaster) seems to lead another revolution, can Chinese users eyes without flash light of hope.

search engine wars to the users of the most profound impression is keep out through ActiveX tools Installation Tips in the individual Webmaster Help, these tools successfully raped users of the WEB2.0 browser; for ordinary users, almost equivalent to floating around BLOG registered advertising and personal BLOG crazy publicity information 2, WEB2.0 advocates claim that allows users to see less useless information by aggregating realize personal information, but BSP can not eat, but in addition to advertising BSP in their personal BLOG almost can’t think of anything else……

since 2000, China’s Internet has never really been a revolution.

2000 years ago, one of the most popular words China Internet is "burning", all of the network, including investors rarely think about how to use the network to make money, but they believe that the network will certainly make money, so think carefully before in order to keep it only to burn. But with the collapse of the Internet bubble in 2000, the United States suffered a devastating blow to the Internet investors, while the domestic Internet investment mainly from the United States and the United States, so the beginning of the cold winter……

had many domestic scenic sites went bankrupt, but the rest found a straw: SMS (SMS value-added services), this straw not only help China the Internet through the winter, even let many people rich overnight; however, the SMS market quickly into many service providers, the profit has shrunk dramatically, in order to survive and develop, Chinese network must find a pot of gold. So almost all eyes are on the network advertising. Under the nurture of the advertisement, the Chinese Internet has grown and developed until now……

network is China’s fourth media, no one suspected.

look at the spread of the theory at home and abroad, since the network is just the media, it is bound to it is the eyeball economy, it is destined to be the subject of advertising profit forever. It is an open secret that the visitor is not God, the advertiser is god.

under the guidance of this theory, we put into the category of technology on IP more, but seldom consider each IP mood; we only focus on the flow, because it can get advertisers rejoice; we focus on PV, but not for the content to be better reading, just as to advertisers up price of capital; thus, rogue software, mass violence, rape, Trojan horse search > Alexa data.

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