The ten anniversary of Alipay marketing case analysis how to use the bill connecting users in ten ye


note: the ant gold clothing brands to communicate with the public, senior director Chen Liang shared "Alipay ten bill" marketing case on WOW new media marketing conference in tiger sniffing. He said, "ten years" is not for Thanksgiving sale, as a tool products Alipay need to find a empathize with the user’s connection, "bill" has become the best choice. But the difficulty is how to establish a connection between the user "ten years" and "bill". The Alipay

is how to do it?

2014 is the ten anniversary of Alipay, for here today a lot of entrepreneurial companies, Alipay is a very old brand, because in the world of Internet has been ten years is a very long time. So at that time, we think that the ten anniversary of this matter is very important? Who cares how old you?.

"ten years" what can we do? We have to start from the user’s concerns

ten anniversary to help Alipay pull more users? We also think that can not, because the same reason, this thing is not particularly meaningful for users. So, when we decided to do ten years, the first thought is not to turn it into a birthday party. Like Ali, Taobao ten anniversary, the Hualong stadium in Hangzhou to do a lot of the party, our users, customers, partners and employees, we have a joyous gathering. But we decided not to do so, do not want to do a Thanksgiving sale, because Alipay is a pure payment tool, can’t do.

ten anniversary cannot solve all our problems, what should we do then? In fact, we visited a lot of users, users gave us a lot of inspiration, we always thought that Alipay is just a tool to me because I came in 2008 when the company, the situation is that no one knows is Alipay independent company, no one knows Alipay in addition to Taobao shopping outside can do what, we only know that Alipay is a means of payment.

user feedback if it’s just a tool, I don’t have feelings with you. So for us, the ten anniversary is to engage in relationships, and who engage in relationships with our users?.

who would you care about? Anyway, I will only focus on my own. Because the first concern is their own, so we use the accessibility of advertising. Who’s ten years? The user’s ten years. We also collected a large number of user feedback and suggestions, many of which are real things.

bill connection ten years of memory, touch the user’s inner feelings

why do we have to make a statement because the bill is the only one that has lasted for ten years, and the bill carries the story of all the users in the past ten years. For example, what to buy, to whom to pay the phone bill, and even the past e-mail account, the past password, a lot of things in the past, bit by bit memories will float on the heart, so we

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