What do you think of the group buying site as a consumer


since 2010, the group has been very hot network, such as the general development of mushrooms, learned from the Internet to buy site has reached more than 5000. A group purchase of consumer online shopping with its price advantage, those discounts online so that these consumers are very careful in reckoning the heart has been fixed. In the face of so many buy site, as a consumer, how do you look at it, how do you choose to buy site

?With the competition of group purchase website

is more and more intense, a lot of make the economic ability of the group purchase party has to find some star endorsement, and this kind of promotion way and let the brand website not to have! The star effect or the effect is very good, some consumers will want to have a star endorsement this website, the group purchase certainly very good. But I want to say is that although there are stars do spokesmen, but this thing is to pay attention to the goods is better, maybe you can not see what clues. But when you experience, you will find that the group is not so good. Take an example!

now buy a lot of websites like to do wedding photography, photo photo. This is also a lot of people buy it. You buy from the site to understand that it is indeed very good. But when you go through it, it’s not as good as you think. Go to the money, the money, and the photo shoot is quite a lot, but want to test out those photos, or need to spend a sum of money. Maybe you can choose not to, but after all, it took a long time!

group purchase will really high quality and inexpensive? What they earn? Actually they have their cheap truth, as a consumer should be thinking, what business is not for profit to profit? Maybe when you go with them when they say that the theory is the price for group purchase website. This saying is a little fake


as a consumer, more concerned about whether the money spent to buy so much money goods (cheap). We now see much of the group purchase website, some personal website we often see ah, ah portals will engage in a group purchase website channel, they just want to in a product to do better on the sales performance, or better to promote products.

domestic handle network, the U.S. group net has an effect on the brand’s website, shortly before the U.S. mission network news is overwhelming, "meituan completed tens of millions of dollars in financing to invest in Alibaba". It is also confirmed that the United States Mission network reputation spread is showing the power, the United States Mission network has full development potential. Some people also said: the United States Mission network is a thousand regiment war in Zorro.

buy site like this, but also to get more user support, but also more trusted users. Therefore, we generally choose to buy site, we need to look at not only the price of goods cheaper, but also

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