About eleven this year, Ali said Crespo card dual control more stringent


] October 26th news billion state power network, the day before the billion state power network wired the domestic men’s brand CEO Wu Shihui Crespo card understanding, Crespo card brand for some of this year and eleven double attitude for some idea of the future development of the brand.

Tmall’s flagship

Crespo card

Wu Shihui said: "to billion state power network in the double eleven years, now has no original head, think to do brand or have to have their own rhythm, don’t can make what kind of performance through a promotion, but to think about how to do their own user location, precipitation."

Wu Shihui said that the eleven is now gradually formed a major electricity supplier to promote the fixed node, is not involved in the impossible, but he believes that this form and the time point is not logical. Double eleven to the brand caused a lot of negative impact. First, the price is too low will cause damage to the brand, but also no profit; in addition, in the latter part of a double trouble last year brings brands tired: large quantities of goods to go to the customer service, logistics services and other issues make a headache for brands, consumers complain also very helpless.

billion state power network to understand, double eleven day train, drilling costs are higher than usual show, Wu Shihui said this, but the high cost of marketing products but no profit, so this year will not have too much investment in marketing platform.

"some new brands to sales or popularity and other reasons may be keen to participate in the double eleven, but for the Spokane emperor card, double blindly in eleven hurt too much, so this year will not be stocking too much or blindly impulse sales. We will be in accordance with their own brand rhythm according to their own pace of development, will not put hope on a promotional activities."

therefore, like many year billion state power network linked to the brand, Wu Shihui said that this year will not blindly follow the policy platform. He said to the billion state power network, an enterprise always should first consider their own brand of rhythm, price instability if it is difficult to establish customer loyalty, blindly follow the footsteps of platform will be "dead platform".

this year eleven is Ali after the listing of the first double eleven, Wu Shihui said in feeling that this year, Ali control significantly than before more demanding, such as the merchant’s own coupons this year is not allowed, can only be unified with the Taobao coupon. And this year, Tmall attaches great importance to international brands, these factors have reduced the brand to participate in the enthusiasm of the double eleven.

billion state power network learned SPORTICA Crespo card into e-commerce in 2008, the same year in April to enter the Tmall mall. At present the main Crespo card simple and comfortable Nordic style, positioning of the target population in the light of mature male under the age of 40, products with long shirts.

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