Cottage version of the search engine was actually 90

Dare to challenge the

with Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other large search engines, is known as "the universe’s largest Chinese search engine" of song tiger website. Open the home page, the site lists the "Baidu + Google", "Song tiger", "Sogou", "114" and other Chinese search methods and three kinds of English search mode (English search way temporarily unavailable) (13).

cottage search engine founder network exposure

this is called the cottage cottage in the media, the search engine, who founded it?

February 9th, NetEase BBS forwarding a "song of the tiger’s founder investment exposure" post, netizen rebellion, founder of tiger song is "90" of Song Jian, the investor is "80", Wang Sai, two people are the occupation qualifications for container driver, in the beginning.

relies on 10 years of age to do web site

in the afternoon, the reporter linked to the work of Song Jian in Shanghai, Baoshan. He said he was in Henan, Zhoukou, came to Shanghai 3 years ago, and now is indeed a container driver.

said its degree of song tiger’s original intention, he said by 100 Valley tiger comprehensive search engine inspiration, "the website went, feeling a little commercial advertising, more, I just want to do a no advertising". With 10 years of age and a computer training school in Shanghai, a network of knowledge accumulated over the past 1 years, Song Jian began to study how to set up a website. Domain name encountered many difficulties, I do not know how to record and register domain names. Finally, they are pondering out. However, the degree of song tiger this domain name, but it was registered on a very smooth."

After the success of the

site, Song Jian first told the news to his colleagues and friends wang. Wang Sai very much agree with his ideas, and told him two points, the first is not to violate the law, the second is for the sake of users, to provide convenient services. In order to express support, Wang Sai to the site provides the first investment – 2000 yuan.

currently, Wang has gone to Beijing to work, no longer and Song Jian colleagues, but they also maintain close contact through the Internet and telephone.

daytime driving at night to do

The reporter asked Song Jian

, founder of the website so far voted how much money is going to make money on the site, will give up the job, concentrate on the maintenance of the website? He answered, the website not much investment, for.Com. and.Cn two domain name, need to spend 100 yuan each year; for a space spent 900 yuan. For the location of the site, he insisted that his colleagues and friends are Internet users, he did this site is purely public nature, not to make money. And he is driving during the day, at night to spend ten hours to take care of the site alone, feel good, not tired, do not want to change this state of life.

users are concerned about the great ambition of the Chinese search engine? Song Jian told reporters that he specialized >

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