The list of audio-visual programs permit holder exposure 332 qualified institutions

news December 11th, with the largest BT seed search site "BT China alliance" down, SARFT rectify Internet audio-visual service action has lasted a week, there are media reports, SARFT will shut down from today about 200 without audio-visual program license website.

earlier in the year 9, SARFT website issued the "management of Internet audio-visual program service provision", the new regulations require any website or individual without the "permit", not to engage in Internet audio-visual program service. Violation of the bad circumstances, undocumented broadcast up to 3 months to focus on the investigation, and resolutely shut down.


website for those who have not obtained the "permit" for re submit the notice from SARFT issued in September will become the last straw".

it is reported that SARFT acceptance deadline to re submit the "permit" application is December 20, 2009.

Tencent science and technology from the State Administration of radio, as of December 19, 2008, a total of 332 websites to the audio-visual program license.

following is the SARFT license holder mechanism list:

serial open unit domain 1 Central People’s Broadcasting Station,, 2 China Radio International 3, CCTV 4 5, Xinhua news agency, people’s daily 6 China Internet News Center 7 China Economic Net Communication Center 8 Kyushu cultural communication center 9 China daily 10 the Communist Youth League Central Network Television Center 11 Chinese news agency 12 China education television, Beijing 13 "Chinese soul" Network Information Center 14 Yiguang international economic and cultural group 15 Guangzhou television transmission network 16 China Electric Power Newspaper China Film Group Corp China Women’s magazine 18>

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