Xi’an trade and ndustry Bureau website activist column 5 years to update only 1 pornographic inform

Xi’an Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce website pornographic information

from 2005 to the present 5 years, this page only updated a pornographic information

Hualong network reported on March 30th the morning of March 30th, the net friend "setter" in the western forum broke the news: "Xi’an city Industrial and Commercial Bureau website was hacked:" Grandpa appears to pregnant granddaughter check…… " Pornographic information, the reporter landed in the afternoon of the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry website, this obscene information still exists.


reporter opened the Xi’an Industrial and Commercial Bureau website to see the information published in Xi’an City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau Hongdun information network reported 12315 complaints work dynamic column, click on the message publisher column shows "12315", and other information inquiries from reporters, the publisher is "12315", for 2010 Nian title release time is 17:13 on March 25th: "Grandpa is a doctor to check pregnant granddaughter dry by the way", the text also provides a SkyDrive address and password, users thread said that: "all of them don’t download is a virus." The setter in the see commented that this message: "the website defense system in Xi’an Industrial and Commercial Bureau are too weak! Really lost the face of the government, lost Industrial and Commercial Bureau people!".

according to the page shows that so far more than and 300 people click to view this information. Even more surprising is that the reporter, in addition to this 12315 complaints report page is published in the near future, the release of all other information in time between April 2005 to July. In other words, from 2005 to the present 5 years, this page only updated a pornographic information.

reporter then call the Xi’an Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Information Center, a staff member said on condition of anonymity, said it was the site was black, and they are also being upgraded recently. She also said it would delete this obscene information as soon as possible.

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