Group purchase market transactions amounted to 23 billion 898 million new 41 to close 1168

yesterday, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center jointly led Mission Network released in 2013 (on) China network group purchase market data monitoring report. The report shows that in the first half of 2013, buy market (including buy platform) turnover reached 23 billion 898 million yuan, an increase of 63%. Compared with the second half of 2012 20 billion 231 million yuan, an increase of $18%. It is worth noting that, in the first half of this year, the new site was born 41, closing 1168. The report shows that as of June 30, 2013, the total number of the country’s total number of websites to buy up to 6218, a total of close to 4670, the mortality rate of up to 75%.

Q2 buy site birth number decreased by 36%

"report" shows that in the group purchase industry "reshuffle rectification" campaign, a lack of follow-up capital support, transformation failure or lack of integrity, does not regulate the operation of group purchase website was eliminated. The first half of 2013, group purchase industry to stable and healthy development in addition to the capital once again looking back outside, and to accelerate the integration of the industry itself has a great relationship of homogeneity.

total number of websites to buy a total of up to 6218. Data show that the first half of 2013, the birth of a new group purchase website 41, shut down 1168, the average birth rate and average group purchase website raised rate double down trend, a rise of three and a half years low group purchase. Among them, Q2 was born 16, compared with the birth of the Q1 of the 25, a decline of 36%.

network group purchase market transactions amounted to 23 billion 898 million

data show that in the national market share of 23 billion 898 million yuan, group purchase website contributed 14 billion 800 million yuan, accounting for 62% of the market share, market share increased by 4 percentage points; group purchase platform contributed 9 billion 100 million yuan, accounted for 38% of the share of the rest. The top ten of the independent group buying site accounted for the country’s share of the market share of 48%, compared with 2012 increased by 2 percentage points, Matthew effect further enhanced.

in the first half of 2013 compared with the second half of 2012, the network group buying market turnover rose 18%. As a result of the purchase of 86% of the transaction volume from the large independent group buying site and buy platform, the majority of small and medium-sized group buying site to reduce the number of transactions to buy smaller.

in this regard, the director of China Electronic Commerce Research Center, China’s integrity network group secretary general Cao Lei believes that with the seasons, holidays and other factors, the number of transactions will also buy a small fluctuations. But mobile buy help, local life service buy transaction volume has maintained steady growth, until the anti physical goods category buy.

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