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Internet business, domain name first "this sentence in minon always spread inside the circle, but in many small and medium-sized enterprises in the Internet, the domain name is easily ignored, currency circle is no exception, so there is a" Blockpay "domain names. At the end of 2014, the author of the coin circle ten classic bitcoin domain to do some personal analysis and simple comments, I hope the circle of money companies can further recognize the importance of domain names, while strengthening the awareness of domain name protection. At the end of this article, with some data in recent years, a number of bitcoin domain name transactions, hoping to give some reference to the valuation of the currency circle in the domain name.


figure: bitcoin ten domain name

1, Bitpay

on the Bitpay, as early as in 2011 was established, but there are few media reports before 2013, until the announcement of the Founders fund in May 2013 to receive a $2 million financing. As early as in May 2011, they registered the bit-pay.com as the project’s main domain name (currently the domain name is still in use, but directly to the current bitpay.com domain name).


bitpay.com later this domain specific acquisition time should be in January 2013, this is the domain name, is a very good payment domain, the purchase price should be more than 6 digits, then bitcoin industry practitioners scanty, early in the project to spend so much to acquire official domain name, one can see their bitcoin the future of the industry as well as their project confidence, but also can see that they attach great importance to the protection of the domain of consciousness.

2, Blockchain

Blockchain.info is the largest online wallet website, May 2014, their website more than 2 million subscribers, so the site has been the most influential circle that wallet website, some domestic enterprises began to imitate, using.Info as a backup domain name suffix, which is actually a misunderstanding, according to the domestic general domain rules must be to.Com domain name, domain name suffix.Cn/net/com.cn as auxiliary.

fact, Blockchain in 2014 February has been to the.Com suffix Blockchain.com has now recovered, as an official website of Blockchain company, this page mainly introduces some characteristics of the wallet, the main business of the company and team members, the original Blockchain.info domain name is still used as a wallet website. At the same time in 2014 of July, the protection of the acquisition of Blockchain.net, the domain name is not currently enabled, is still a domain parking page.

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