Tuniu network to grab cheap website turned into foam system problems

site: the problem of a single price system error

lawyer: the site has the responsibility of contracting fault

"to travel, to find the way cattle!" recently, citizen Mr Liu is running with the slogan, in the heart of the tuniu.com purchase special offer travel orders, unexpectedly low turn into foam, the website unilaterally cancel the order is. In this regard, tuniu explained that due to problems caused by the website system. Activist lawyers believe that the responsibility of the site bears fault.

consumer orders were canceled

, according to Mr. Liu, he has been longing for Maldives, he saw in the way cattle online in January 4th this year, starting from Beijing, Maldives Kulama 5 evening of 7 special offer travel information, double insurance was 10095 yuan, he booked a double tour starting in March 28th. He did not expect is that the second day of the travel plan will fail. "Tuniu network customer service call me said, due to the lack of resources, so cancel orders." Mr. Liu once again found the way cattle Network, and he orders the same paragraph tours, single price of 16703 yuan to become. "Double price I have orders have been modified into 33406 yuan tuniu unilaterally".

Several orders

Beijing morning news reporter saw that Mr. Liu said, "I think the way cattle net have suspected of cheating consumers. I submit the order, the way cattle net shortage of system error and other reasons to cancel the order and unilaterally modify the price, is not reasonable. What’s more, after the price increases, the page shows that there are resources can be booked into a group." Mr. Liu wants tuniu.com to fulfill the original double contract orders totaling 10095 yuan.

said the way cattle network system problems

reporter Liu to the customer service hotline tuniu, said by checking the order number after the customer service staff, because of system problems, leading to Mr. Liu order price is wrong, the matter is fed back to the corresponding department. This situation can not be avoided, the manual has been in the audit. Our company has hundreds of thousands of lines, the price will inevitably have disorder, but then the price has been artificially modified." The customer service staff said, "marked" booking "tuniu.com," travel products are instant pricing, please confirm the price is subject to our final. ". In other words, only when we confirm the price of artificial error, the online payment function can be opened, consumers can pay online operation. At the time, Mr. Liu orders have not yet accounted for the success of the case, only in the form of advisory orders."

reporter login tuniu.com’s official website, the reporter noted that their help tour the middle of the page prominently orange box are marked with the promotional price, but not the actual payment of the price. Mr. Liu also showed a single promotional price of 4801 yuan, while the actual payment price of $5001. Pull down the page, there will be a choice of travel time and the number of information bar, consumers need to choose the appropriate time to travel in the scroll box and the number of

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