Grassroots marketing, from the mainstream to the mainstream

"since the successful marketing of" 07 issue, keep a reader calls it "the long tail" marketing 2 era: a fierce exchanges with print. In these readers are studying the marketing theory of intellectuals, with officials undertake marketing work is enterprises, experts and scholars hold different opinions, and asked the specific strategies of corporate executives. For this they certainly will not repeat them here, to avoid "Wangpo saying" too. However, we still noticed that some people say: hey! You visualize the long tail theory. You told us that a new era has a new opportunity. You talked about the example of the "moving yellow ball" and "obedient chicks". You talk about KFC, Coca-Cola and Procter & gamble. But marketing is not a simple copy, we want to know how we do our own marketing 2……

in the face of such problems, we often want to say that the success of marketing has its contingency. This is not an excuse, because the marketing itself is the need for courage, practice and adjustment, from the beginning of creative thinking, there are many specific factors determine the success or failure of the middle part of the.

For example, in

before the "super girl" has not yet appeared, we put forward the feasible mode. But if there are a number of companies to try at the same time, the result may be failure. Or you choose a relatively conservative television as a partner, you choose to host those McCain football "Mingzui", the results may be different. Therefore, we need to give you the analysis of the success of the case, is to grasp the needs of the times, is the experience, is the direction.

success has never been template, success only elements.

this is not, this period we summed up the various issues raised by the reader, decided to continue to provide you with the long tail of how the marketing report. With the previous, this time we will focus on the so-called "grassroots marketing" direction. You will see how to make people stop in your ads, how to let users greatly excited, how to let you build a house but it was built in 3rd Ring Rd……

do not underestimate the power of grassroots. That is often the "grassroots" as a derogatory term or who will be full of pride that I am not the grassroots".

but do you notice that you’re wearing a pair of Nike shoes when you’re standing on a golf course waving thousands of dollars a stick?. In Nike’s marketing people’s eyes, you and those who are in the refugee camps in Africa to play barefoot children are the same as they depict the long tail.

so, in the face of marketing: we are grassroots!

long tail grassroots marketing

/ Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Information Research Center Secretary General Jiang Qiping from the successful marketing

in a sense, the long tail is grassroots. The long tail is beginning to start from the grassroots, unpopular. An opening of the situation has become popular; roots on the table, became the elite.

Hong Huang to this conversion process, there is deep

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