Three after hacking into the online ticketing website illegal profits of $25 million 70

March 2nd news according to the "New York Times" reports, the U.S. state of New Jersey federal prosecutors said on Monday, four net are all Wiseguys Tickets hacking into the online ticketing website, bought 1 million pieces of the country’s hottest concerts and sports events tickets, and the resale, $25 million in illegal profits.

these hackers will face 43 charges, the prosecutor said these people set up a network, the network can generate thousands of false accounts. Although the official ticketing software for the sake of safety, prevent people from brute force, users need to personally confirm the identification code system has been set up, but in the face of these hackers cracked software, identification code system is useless.

these hackers are selling tickets, both on Broadway opera, Montana concert, and even the New York Yankees baseball game tickets. The United States has a number of online ticketing systems, including Ticketmaster, Telecharge and Major League Baseball have been hacked.

hackers in the ballot when there is a choice, they will only choose those who can sell hot tickets, some of the ticket price of $1000.

A lawyer for Paul J. Fishman

in the United States to accept the "New York Times" interview said: "now this is the Internet era, the transaction becomes fast and fair, and these hackers use advanced means of fraud, to seek illegal profits of $25 million."

four hackers, three people have surrendered, they are 40 year old Kenneth Lowson, a 37 year old Kristofer Kirsch and Joel Stevenson, which Lowson is still in custody, until his lawyer turned to bail bail; while Stevenson and Kirsch have been bailed out. As for another hacker Faisal Nahdi (36 years old), is now not in the United States, but it is said that this week will surrender.

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