Seven pits on the road of the product can not be trampled on the eight pit…

last week, in the first 1 days before the upcoming stable version of the submission of the line, suddenly a slightly scare thing:



afternoon, we found that Android online version to share micro-blog’s features have failed, independent models is independent of network, and had never seen this kind of situation, but at the same time, the corresponding functional version of IOS is no problem.

was really the whole person is not good, because we can not find the reason, but fortunately, finally found the problem:

in the morning, because the product to be applied to micro-blog blue V, and one of the conditions for the application of micro-blog blue V is the application of the micro-blog account must be open to micro-blog account platform.

and App because of the company before, has been hanging in the company’s other micro-blog account, therefore, must apply for application transfer.

results, after the successful application of the application to transfer, micro-blog share callback address will be changed accordingly, and finally lead to a shared function problems, and I did not forget the beginning of the crop. Why all of a sudden it will not be because micro-blog callback address did not change? I think a big reason is that the iOS version is no problem, the same trigger conditions, but there are very different time of entry into force.

time is breathtaking, suddenly feel that this is really not the pit pit not deceptive.

, therefore, intends to recall a similar recall before the "unexpected pit", and we share. Of course, the experience is not enough, not so many things encountered, think it is worth writing the pit is not so much, at the same time, the pit is a variety of distribution, so this article belongs to the content is not enough and less structured.

‘s best hope is valuable, we can use the comments you meet and I make a pit impossible to guard against each other to share, is a reminder not to fall into the pit.

push – pit is not a little

our new version of the product features are: to comply with the A-share market characteristics of the theme of investment + A personalized message push. Therefore, it is very important for the product to push the coverage, arrival and accuracy of the message.

and push the pit here is really a lot of:

Android there is no official push, are a family of third party push platform.


is a professional push to do, but because many of Android’s home is a custom ROM, will push kill, resulting in a lot of coverage problem.

Although the

friends of the Department of Ali and other large App call function, try to solve this problem, but there is still a loss of data, message queuing time slightly.

product must be automatically pushed >

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