t is an effective method to promote the competitor’s extrapolation

as the saying goes, the enemy awareness. This is the website ranking. In order to make your web site ranking is better, many people will invest in tracking competitors, tracking competitor analysis site is how to row in front of us, its essence to its dregs, the advantageous method used in our own body, so we can be fast enough to go beyond them, industry leader. Therefore, master some necessary tracking competitors extrapolation method is particularly important for web site operators.


on the web site operators, timely insight and track competitor extrapolation method can accurately grasp the other is dynamic, know each other through the optimization design and how to do website ranking will be in front of us, it is very important to improve our website ranking. So how can we track competitors?



will use cloud network marketing present famous claw analysis management system, with cloud claw almost all analyses used people say, it can automatic, multi dimension and large data of three major search engines to collect accurate keywords for the status quo, the news source has competition status and the amount of information in the competition the status quo, and "competition situation analysis, tracking competitors extrapolation method accurately, quickly find out the competition ranking advantage, analyzes the favorable direction to seize the ranking, and find out their shortcomings and deficiencies, and then combined with the actual situation to adjust their marketing strategy, and develop the promotion plan for site development step by step, planned to go beyond the competitors, to occupy an invincible position in the industry force, is a kind of effective Promotion means.

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