Net letter do remediation dating sites, industry reshuffle or start

during the festive season is forced, especially the spring festival. As a common social phenomenon, or even directly led to the forced marriage website business growth. During the Spring Festival every year, the mainstream of love and marriage sites will be greatly increased traffic.

but for many dating sites, the 2015 Spring Festival is not easy. Just a few days before, the National Network Information Office jointly announced the relevant departments in the country started to carry out the "dating sites of serious violations of dishonesty and illegal special rectification work, serious dishonesty dating website in this action will be cleared, and even shut down. (Note: reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, "dating sites serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work has been carried out, according to reports from the public, the national network information office organized forces, on the eve of the Spring Festival to focus on the verification disposal of a number of dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information illegal dating sites, including love, Sky Network lover the city, about gun lover, one night stand, about loving friends, play the net, to explain, have happy palace, the happy forest forum, 22 net rose a total of 65


the news got high attention in the context of public opinion forced the Spring Festival, the domestic authority of the media including Xinhua, have written reports of relevant information, in addition, micro-blog also sparked a lively discussion, won many fans support. So the question is, what will be the impact of the rectification? Who will be seriously investigated in this rectification or even out?

who’s on the list of dishonest


it is understood that the stop dating website peccant chaos is the special work of the purpose of illegal and serious dishonesty dating sites will be cleaned out. Although Guoxin did not publish the list of dishonest people, but to encourage users to report and active feedback. But in fact, the phenomenon of dishonesty in this industry after another, even if some well-known dating platform has also been fraud and other illegal violations.

previously, CCTV well-known survey column, the first time on the broadcast of the real name marriage website to provide false information, the theme of the report, directed at the false real name Lily network. Not only the authentication is not rigorous, and marital status can also be false.

in addition to Lily network, advertising in recent years, the fiery edge of the network has also been a lot of complaints over the same period. In @ CCTV news release on the site of the love and marriage remediation action micro-blog comments below, gathered a large number of friends broke the news of the network has a false letter fraud users.


in a Fantasy Westward Journey, called "Laden don’t shoot me" the netizen to personal experience about the edge network is how to get money. According to him, the user once registered margin network, regardless of whether the information is complete, there will be a sister immediately sent messages, are seductive language. These messages may be the reason for the network of employees in the background of the network secretly stealing girl numbers or their control of the zombie number issued, the purpose is to attract users to recharge reply. Once the user recharge reply, the other will ignore.


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