With the development of separation of group purchase website service when soliciting out of predicam

buy network too disappointing, is to deceive the consumer." A netizen in Mizuki community posting emotion. I set a hot pot package, the price of 35 yuan. The results of a ceremony known as the Philippines is up 8 pieces of beef, beef, pot washing can not find. Known as the two silver carp, the result is two inches long fish, into the pot will clip up."

from March this year, the domestic group buying network was explosive growth. Just a few months, there are reports that the number of Chinese buy network has soared to thousands of homes. The day before, Sohu, Tencent, Sina and other large portals also began to get involved in the field of group purchase.

with thousands of group purchase websites quickly founded and growing, are users of group purchase website. The content of the propaganda does not conform to the reality, the existence of implicit and mandatory consumption, it is difficult to make an appointment, it is difficult to refund…… And so on, a series of problems not only plagued many consumers, but also to participate in the recent entrepreneurs headache.

negative information constantly high incidence of six issues

buy consumer disputes has become a new issue of national consumption in 2010.

in addition to the media reports on the Internet, the Internet is also the friends of the complaint overwhelming". A netizen posting said in the group of treasure group Jinyu Palace KTV, "make an appointment in advance not get through is no answer. The validity of this group is very short, if the total is not about expired, it is not white money."

a user in the United States mission to buy online, wheat shop aesthetic cut and cut perm package, indicating no hidden consumption". After the go, the shop said at least to dig 106 yuan to perm, otherwise it will hurt the hair after perm and couldn’t see.

endless problems. Group purchase website 24 coupons founder Du Yinan analysis, group purchase website focuses on six aspects: first, the merchant service description is not serious, exaggerated publicity; second, service quality is not stable; third, recessive or other compulsory consumption; fourth, after a dispute, group purchase website is not responsible for the coordination, the user can only own and businesses fifth, negotiate; return without security, can not be bought back; sixth, the consumer can not be normal invoice.


on the other side of the ocean to Groupon in just a year from the unknown to the public to $1 billion 350 million to the concept of group purchase, China is changed. A few months ago, the basic package to buy packages, and now more than the site, things are miscellaneous, and all the mess on the."

nobody did not have money for the rebate strength reduced to "solicit"

too too to follow suit, such as speed, service and development of touch, and even some group purchase website marketing team, superficial understanding of this model in helping businesses "soliciting" trap. These are the reasons for the negative events in the market." Du Yinan analysis theory.

"bottom line business cost is 70 percent off, and the site for >

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