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business alliance consumer rebates chain breaks more than 1 billion principal suspended

June 5th rebate network business alliance

operating just over half of the suddenly open, on behalf of the consumer rebate chain has thus declared fracture. The morning of June 1st, is located in the Wenzhou River Road No. 188, Blue River Technology Park Wenzhou Ju Sen Technology Co. Ltd. (Business Alliance for its one-stop rebate platform) outside the crowded, more than and 70 agents and a large number of members together to inquire about the news. The company has been deserted, in addition to computer and other office supplies have nothing.

Ju Sen technology chairman Guo Chuanzhi recently ‘missing’, the website also slashed the rebate." In June 5th, business alliance represents one of the Zhou Han (a pseudonym) told reporters. According to the dozens of agents nationwide business alliance member of the national statistics, over 60 thousand people, involving the outstanding amount of 1 billion yuan (principal). In the high profit business alliance encouraged members to join at the same time, but also through agents to actively expand the market, marketing mode is similar. From March 1st this year, business alliance in each county (District) with agent 1, try cooperation within one month. Agents need to have three conditions, in the territory of different business alliance business consumption of more than 30 thousand yuan; the development of 10 quality local businesses to join the development of the 100 VIP members. According to the results of the provisions of the division, the recommendation of members can get 0.5% of their direct consumption of members; members recommend businesses to join, you can deduct a percentage of the total amount of direct business in the first 3 months of business as a reward.

here, business alliance soon accumulated more than and 400 agents. According to data previously published on its website, a total of more than 60 thousand members. But the bad news came quickly. After May 31st, many members found that the rebate has shrunk significantly, and some even did not receive the rebate, the Commission has stopped issuing agents, Guo Chuanzhi can not contact. In desperation, from the dozens of agents began to reflect to the relevant departments. As of June 5th, the business alliance site has been open, the rebate is completely stopped, hundreds of members of the Hangzhou provincial government is planning to set to reflect the situation. The same day, there are 40-50 agents, members rushed to Hangzhou, 6, a large number of personnel will be rushed.

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