n 2009 second Tianjin nternet webmaster conference December 19th held in Tianjin

news December 20th, the second session of the 2009 Tianjin Internet webmaster General Assembly held in Tianjin on the afternoon of December 19th new cultural square clamatorial building, the conference hosted by Tianjin webmaster alliance, TopZone network media exclusive sponsorship, Congress got webmaster webmaster club, Luqiao magazine, China network, Admin5 5LA network, and other units and media support.

the theme of the conference is "cooperation and win-win", from tuoyu media, Tianjin Shen Chang cool light brother, Luqiao Wang Huijiang, Tianjin Chinese net webmaster union chairman Liu Hongwu, Tianjin webmaster alliance vice chairman Wu Peng, Liu Ming, the creators found play Li Di, easy network software Wang Lei, Pincheng home network Cheng Jingfeng, OPPLE network Andy, network marketing network, Xian Hao Yue long beautiful community, I want to get married to Kun, grassroots package Yundong

Oh, happy drunk breeze, founder of tiger Cheng Junfeng digital news station attended the meeting, the conference is held in Tianjin for the second time webmaster webmaster union party, can be said to be unprecedented, there are hundreds of owners from the Tianjin area to attend this meeting. We are talking about the status of the Internet industry in Tianjin and the future of the topic of intense discussion. At the same time, there are many webmasters on their own site operations and management experience to carry out a profound exposition, we exchange experience and experience.

The first

conference by Tianjin webmaster union Mr. Liu Hongwu welcome guests, in the next part of the speech in the cool Tianjin webmaster share some wonderful views of light brother website, "the website operation also depends on the reputation of the view everyone agreed. When the network software easy to share the experience and views of security, many webmasters have done a serious record. Cheng Jingfeng, Mr. Cheng’s home appliance network has a passion and a sense of humor, won the audience and the audience burst of applause.

in the interactive link, cool Tianjin light brother to ask the questions one by one to answer their questions. The idea for the presence of stationmaster Liu Ming also tells some skills of website SEO. "Website operation" is a hot topic in this discussion. When talking about the industry website profit promotion link, Chinese Luqiao Hui Jiang, network marketing network, the dragon head Yue industry website how to promote the operation of the topics of each firm, share their years of experience in the promotion of Web site operators and owners.

draw links, many owners have harvested their own gifts. The most lucky thing Oh fun drunk breeze, in the grand prize of a standalone server.

webmaster’s wonderful speech and incisive unique perspective, sharing and exchange of experience in the operation of the site, the real theme of the general assembly. The conference was involved in the webmaster alike, many owners said that the trip worthwhile, learned a lot of practical website promotion method in the future site operation of great help. At 17:30 PM, the meeting is over.

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