Finance 360 and then get $30 million to do the financial version of where to go

Internet banking continues to heat up.

in August 2nd, only 500 days of on-line website, financial vertical search platform "into 360" CE0 Ye Daqing confirmed to the "daily economic news" reporter, the company has completed the B round of financing of $30 million, China Fund led by sequoia. A round of the cast side of the speed of venture capital, KPCB also with the vote. This is 360 years from the melt A round of $7 million investment is only 1 years and 4 months.

analysts believe that with the pace of market-oriented interest rate, the Internet will become the focus of the field of financial investment in the field of investment. The 360 model of the melt and where to go is extremely similar, the two sites are concentrated around the flow and information to create a vertical search platform. Before the need to burn in the bigger size of the fight, the Internet, or its core competitiveness.


entrance, vertical search, traffic can be seen as "where" successful counter attack. Its founder, Zhuang Chenchao, is trying to replicate the pattern to the 360 of his investment.

financial search portal

at present, melt 360 has covered 32 city cooperation, including industrial and Commercial Bank of China bank has five major state-owned banks, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank and other national joint-stock commercial banks, and foreign banks, the monthly users online loan applications for more than 10 billion yuan.

in fact, melt 360 and where the business model has a great difference.

for the bank, the financial 360 is a fast access to customer channels, therefore, the financial model is the profit of the upper reaches of the cooperative financial institutions to collect fees on small and medium enterprises and individual consumers are completely free of charge, 360.

According to Ye Daqing

, the company’s pricing model is divided into three categories, one is the user after the filing of the application; the second category is the effect of payment, the bank approved loans, financing 360 and extract a certain percentage of the loan amount. The third category is the advertising model, the proportion is very small, less than 5%.

in the first model, each of the applications submitted by the user, the bank will pay $50 to $200 fee. This is where the difference between 360 and the fundamental difference in the business model. Financial industry and online travel is not the same, they get the loan user’s cost is very high, so from our website to get a user and pay the cost of a few hundred dollars for them to accept." Ye Daqing said. This part of the financial institutions accounted for 80%, while the financial institutions in accordance with the effect of paying less than $20%.

effect payment mode, 360 of the fees range from 0.5% to 3%. "Financial institutions and financial products of different types, charges are not the same," Ye Daqing said, "the fees for the mortgage loan amount at about 1%, while the longer period, the success rate is lower guaranteed loans, the proportion of relatively high charge."

, an analyst who declined to be named, told reporters that with other industries >

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