May 56 P2P problem set up a month on foot 18

source: interface Author: Zhang Yi

P2P net loan platform the obvious trend of uneven in quality problems, the platform, the new platform proportion is increasing.

net home loan data show that in May there were 56 platform, which launched 1 months around the platform up to 18, accounting for more than 30%, and the problem is run away, on-line less than a week off station platform 5. Insiders believe that this kind of foot on the new platform malicious obvious, perhaps at the beginning of the establishment of the purpose is to get a ride.

this 18 foot platform was established in 2015 4-5 months, which was founded in April, there are 8, founded in May, there are 10. It is worth noting that the number of "disaster area" Shandong platform is still not high, in this 18 issue platform, there are 7 platforms from Shandong, two from the Hebei area, in addition to the 9 home located in Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Guangxi, Ningxia, Yunnan, Guangdong.

recent foot platform has been more adept at camouflage themselves, from the registered capital, company profiles and other aspects of a full range of packaging.

, for example, "billion yuan of registered capital is one of the important means to attract investors since Tianyuan wealth on the line. The platform at the end of April on the line, since the line had a number of the company’s website publicity information, the information of the first sentence is "registered paid in capital of one hundred million yuan".

Under normal circumstances, the registered capital can reflect the strength of a company to a certain extent,

. Therefore, these platforms at first glance, generally do not let investors worried.

however, the registered capital and paid in capital is two concepts, even if the company claims to be paid in capital, but also need to go to the business sector to check whether it is true. Therefore, the accuracy of this criterion is reduced.

Tianyuan forms of wealth can also reflect the current common platform to run away. In addition to Tianyuan wealth, 18 platform, generally more than 10 million yuan of registered capital, there are 1 registered capital of 60 million yuan, 3 of the registered capital of 50 million yuan, 10 million yuan in only one.

also reflects investors, Tianyuan wealth at the end of April on the line, the issuance of a large amount of "second standard" and "standard day". "Second standard" and "standard" is a popular means of marketing P2P platform, but now more and more become a fraud platform to attract investors bait.

"s standard is usually a fictitious loan platform, allowing investors to the website, with the standard P2P net loan company immediately back to investors, plus interest. Because of immediate payment, higher income, attracted a number of "second standard" speculators, also called "seconds off".

in fact, the industry said, second mark mostly false loans, no help for the real borrower. This kind of ultra short term, but to the P2P platform provides a great arbitrage space, funds are in the flat

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