Wiki how to carry out the movement of civilians

      Wiki is still a very small thing, don’t know much about wiki, Wiki often write fewer people. Wiki only popular business model.

      let people realize the value of Wiki as soon as possible, and find the value of Wiki for the individual, the enterprise and the society. They only recognize the value of Wiki, will participate in. From the perspective of the development of blog, Wiki will gradually from the minority to the public. Blog began only a small number of people in use, and then slowly to the public.

      Mu Zimei mass played a lot of role on blog and small to, a lot of people are due to Mu Zimei’s Diary of blog started to become familiar with. Wiki to the general public may also need to Mu Zimei such a landmark or symbolic events. The name wiki may be a landmark event.

      China net currently close to 120 million, each man has his own name, if the name as a directory, do not rule out the repeat is 120 million items, this is a tremendous amount of. As of December 2005, there were more than 50 thousand Chinese entries on wikipedia. If we can attract 1/1000 users to edit their names as entries, there are only 100 thousand entries.

      edit your name allows users to quickly know what is wiki, and learn how to participate in Wiki writing. This popularity of Wiki may play a significant role in promoting. There are three reasons:

      one: no one will care about him, including his own name, the name of each person has a specific meaning, which embodies the ancestors wish parents look forward to.

      it’s a very imaginative thing to write your own name as an entry into the encyclopedia. Everyone should have a high degree of enthusiasm.

      second: Wiki writing is very simple, simpler than blog, easy to popularize. Wiki own name is a simple thing.

      3: editing your name as an entry is a meaningful thing. Users can put their names written in Wiki very personal biography, at any time after editing. Can also be written as a personal profile, plus contact information to facilitate the loss of contact with your friends.


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