CNNC push the national domain name cloud analysis service promises permanent free

June 30th morning news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in Beijing today, the national domain name cloud analytical services, and promised to use.Cn and China and other countries of the domain name of the user for free. CNNIC said that with the help of this service to improve the current security situation in the domain name analysis.

from the Chinese domain name services and security status report, the content shows that 57% of China’s current domain name resolution service is in a state of risk, the domain name service is a weak part of the current network security. From May 2010 to the year of May 2011, the global impact of the larger domain name attacks reached sixteen, there are also related to the situation in the country.

domain name system and the complexity of the domain name attack is the root cause of security risks.

CNNIC assistant director Qi Lin, the domain name system consists of three levels of root domain name service system, service system and other top-level domain name domain name service system at all levels, the domain name holder will disperse the authority of domain name service self running or managed by third parties, resulting in many server decentralized management, limited scale, lack of comprehensive professional security service capacity situation.

according to the CNNIC technology testing, in the year of the more than and 10 security incidents, involving DDOS, DNS distributed attacks, domain hijacking and other means.

in response to these circumstances, CNNIC today announced the launch of the national domain name cloud analytical services, for the use of.Cn and Chinese domain names to provide analytical services to users, to promote a variety of network applications to improve the reliability and reliability. In addition, CNNIC also committed to the national domain name cloud analytical services, the national domain name will be provided free of charge.

CNNIC in the description of the national domain name resolution services in the cloud, the main highlights of the service node, protocol compatibility, data update technology and security detection scheme advantage, and called the domain name service implements batch management, traffic monitoring and analysis of DNS next generation Internet seamless upgrade features.

it is understood that by the national domain name platform CNNIC operation has completed the initial global node layout, and built two disaster recovery center in Beijing and Sichuan. Analysis of cloud service platform will rely on national top-level domain redundancy, backup and emergency service ability, bring new supplement for domestic domain name service. (Meng Hong)

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