There are many low-level vulnerabilities in the government website rookie can easily change the page

              Web site was hung with yellow pictures, web content was tampered with, a computer rookie, you can do these. Yesterday, 16 year old Hu Jingxin in the cafe demonstrates a general brief: login name and password to enter the site background, can easily be led into their own photos, but also has the loophole part of government website


rookie can easily change the site home page

Hu Jingxin expertly knocked a few keyboard, entered a well-known university in Chongqing engineering master class website management system.

There is an important notice on the

computer page, click on the "modify" button to enter the edit page. He copied the text will be rewritten as: a well-known university in Chongqing: the site system loopholes." He explained: "as long as I click OK, this important notice became my notice."

small nonsense, not only can change the content, you can also upload illegal images, you can upload the virus to the site, so that all the computers into the site, are likely to be infected with the virus, a huge harm. With a small nonsense method, the computer is not good at the reporter can easily change the content of the page.

vulnerability site more than a few

How can

find these vulnerable websites?. Hu opened the Google search engine, using advanced search for a section of characters, these sites will jump out.

reporter tried to see how many sites have vulnerabilities, but then found no statistics: numerous! In search, "Chongqing" two words, search out the website is up to dozens, including many government websites: such as Chongqing food hygiene supervision and Management Bureau of Wansheng branch……

compared with a small number of government websites, there are loopholes in the technical secondary school, high school, small and medium enterprises are more.

GF mail nobody

Hu Jingxin is a secondary school in Wansheng District 2009 class 4 students, usually like to surf the Internet, and occasionally to the hacker site to find some free resources.

November 1st, Hu Jingxin in the Internet, accidentally discovered a post, click the post on the web site, enter a website management system login interface, and then enter the fixed username and password into the management system. Subsequently, Hu Jingxin in the same way and into the Beibei District People’s Congress network, Chongqing food hygiene supervision and administration, Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing and other web site management system.

website vulnerabilities shocking, Hu Jingxin quickly sent the mail to the website, but did not get any response to his enthusiastic people. In order to remind you that he deliberately sent a message on a news site in Chongqing.

Beibei District People’s Congress website has been black >

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