Daily topics to raise public fire Thunder and rain Early sites have embarked on the transition road

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 14th news, all the chips when I do not know when the mouth has become the object of our talk. The congregation raised crowdfunding word translation from abroad, that public financing or public financing, Hongkong translated as "crowdfunding", Taiwan translated as "raising the masses". Refers to the use of group purchase + pre order form, to raise funds for the project model to the users.

the rise of the public to raise from the KickStarter website, the website by building a network platform to face the public financing for creative people may get the money they need, in order to make their dream possible. The rise of this model breaks the traditional mode of financing, every ordinary people can get involved in an activity or creation of money by the public to raise mode, the financing source is no longer confined to institutions such as venture capital, which can be derived from the public.

chips in the form of a variety of forms, of which most people are familiar with the public to raise the product". In 2012, because Pebble and other hardware products in the Kickstarter (the most fiery congregation raised platform) on a fast hot, raised by the public to develop products, promotional products known as mode, then, many well-known intelligent hardware products to raise all the way through the first and meet people. Although this year few intelligent hardware products very well to raise the platform in the United States, but this model has been widely recognized.

from trendy electronics, theatrical performances to fashion, art, film and television, and even the game, public to raise the platform is always changing the pattern to attract different users, the user decides what products than do the products and then recommended to the user much more sensible. Platform to raise public gathering is everyone’s ideas, as the saying goes, "Two heads are better than one", then random ideas come together, also can design more excellent products than a discerning designer.

and other new things, like all the chips in the popular mode for a period of time, to bring the freshness and attractiveness is gradually reduced. Although some websites have a project into high amount, but the outstanding performance actually difficult to continue. On the other hand, due to the limited funding to raise public projects to raise the public to raise the amount of money obtained from the site is also very limited. In this case, the initiator of the project do not want to give into the platform, a lot of the public to raise the platform is difficult to get a decent income. Helpless, early to raise the public began to transform the site.

in the country’s first public to raise the site, named time is undoubtedly the most successful, the most famous site. However, to enter in 2014, the name of the time is slowly fade the concept of public chips. In April 19th at the time named "the third 10× 10 intelligent product trends conference, founder Zhang You announced: Chinese as the largest congregation raised platform named time will give up to raise public mode, and become the first intelligent hardware platform.

in the country, all the chips

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