While other companies are talking about ecology, Tencent has built a LAN

net is WeChat

"I saw it in my circle of friends……" Such an opening, you must listen to the people around. WeChat circle of friends has become more and more people access to new sources of information.

as of December 2015, China has 620 million mobile phone users. Over the past 1 years, instant messaging continues to be the highest Internet usage. And WeChat’s own earlier published in 2015 WeChat life white paper revealed that every day there are 570 million people open WeChat, and a typical WeChat users open at least 11 times a day.


China’s highest Internet users use the Internet service is instant messaging unit:%

to Baidu search data, brush news suddenly became a thing of ten years. Replace it as a new entrance to the Chinese Internet, WeChat.

2015, WeChat’s influence is becoming Tencent’s future revenue

"WeChat, is a way of life." This ad became a reality in 2015, you have not been easy to meet people who do not use WeChat. WeChat into all the time is exactly when the Tencent needs most.

grew up in QQ, QQ space early member and the canary was the main income of Tencent.

2009, QQ membership income rose slowly, but Cross Fire, QQ dancer and other rapidly popular web games, game revenue first become the main income of the Tencent. Tencent is the world’s largest gaming company.

2015, game growth slowed to the second quarter of 2015, Tencent online game revenue fell by an annual rate of 11%. At this time, the ad is connected.

January 2015, you must have seen on BMW, Vivo, Coca-Cola advertising discussion. There is no circle of friends to see advertising, once became a topic of discussion between friends. Each of these three companies invested more than 5 million.


early circle of friends advertising


drove into the circle of friends and advertising luxury brand Dior, GM’s Cadillac, the movie "energy-saving" actor, white lily…… Similarly, these early advertisers, each at least 5 million yuan to pay for this information flow, but also based on the results of the show increase.


, the circle of friends and Tencent own advertising advertising system wide point together. August, the official website of the official circle of friends on the line, the threshold dropped to 200 thousand. To the first quarter of this year, as long as 50 thousand will be able to display a picture in the circle of friends, a copy and a H5 link. As long as a few hundred

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