Ticketing website Eventbrite sales of $1 billion


Eventbrite has become the world’s most famous online ticketing website, and today announced that the company has sold a total ticket price of $1 billion tickets. In the past three years, Eventbrite performance increased significantly, from January 2009 to December 2010, the sale of tickets in denominations from $100 million to $400 million to surge, today, this figure is many times a staggering $1 billion. There are many places worth learning domestic ticketing website.

in 2011, Eventbrite announced its meeting items and ticket sales have been doubled in 2010. Many of Evenbrite’s conference tickets are sold through Facebook and Twitter. Eventbrite said the conference organizers would receive an extra $2.52 for each social networking site to share a meeting with each user.

mobile phone platform for the rapid development of Eventbrite performance growth can not be. Eventbrite released the iPad application At the Door, if the user forgets to buy tickets, you can also buy tickets at the venue door. In addition, Eventbrite also released a credit card reader, the ticket can be directly charged at the venue door.

Eventbrite’s products have been sold to more than and 170 countries around the world, a variety of meetings, parties can use Eventbrite to sell tickets. Among them, the English speaking countries accounted for the majority, of which the largest number of Eventbrite sales of five countries are the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Holland. The most important events are large conferences, followed by teaching classes, concerts and social occasions.

last year, Eventbrite received $50 million worth of venture capital led by Tiger Global Vc firm. Since its inception in 2006, has successfully raised $80 million.

is well-known in the domestic network and Yongle ticketing website has barley net, but we note that Eventbrite is the main agent of sales meetings, such as class, concert tickets, and domestic ticketing website to sell only concerts, opera, drama, with a strong color of entertainment tickets. Chinese has been advocating "cultural development and prosperity", a form of opera, concerts and cultural, but if only this several single form, I still can’t catch up with the cultural development of the rhythm, therefore, the domestic ticketing website to contact the conference more than academic institutions, government agencies and other departments of the schedule on the one hand, can let people appreciate the charm of academic and management, on the other hand, but also conducive to promoting the supervision of government agencies, so as to realize the culture of ">

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