China’s mobile payment development so far only 3 million 660 thousand users


technology news on February 8th news, according to a statistics of the Ministry of the relevant departments, as of the end of 2013, China’s three mobile phone operators to pay 3 million 663 thousand users, if this is true, the fiery mobile phone operators actually pay the development is not ideal, the popularity rate is equivalent to less than 2/1000.

according to the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority before the Spring Festival announced the "2013 annual and four quarter telecommunications services information notice", which refers to the basic telecom enterprises to pay mobile phone users reached 3 million 663 thousand, an increase of 31.4%, both from the user and the total growth rate, these two figures are not worth mentioning.

This is because the

at the end of 2013, China’s mobile phone users reached 1 billion 229 million, of which 3G of Internet users in the mobile Internet users accounted for 36.1%, 3 million 660 thousand mobile phone users to pay the proportion in which is obviously very low.

if this figure is accurate, the three operators will have a psychological blow, because the three operators pay great attention to mobile payment.

three mobile phone operators to pay the layout very early, as early as 1999, try to brush the mobile phone payment industry began: when China Mobile] working with ICBC and other financial sector started mobile payment business pilot in Beijing, Guangdong and other places. June 2002, China Unicom has launched in Wuxi, the first micro payment mobile solutions experimental system.

but has been limited by technology, policy, business models and other reasons, the development of mobile payment is very slow. Until 2012, the central bank clearly 13.56M mobile payment standards for the near field, the official end of the long battle of the standard.

June 2013, China Mobile announced the official launch of NFC mobile wallet business. In September of this year, China Unicom jointly launched a number of banks of their own mobile wallet, bank cards, traffic cards and other types of applications loaded into the phone card, brush phone consumption. Two months later, in November 28th, telecom also announced its own Tianyi mobile wallet".

but if so hard it was the development of so few users, so the three operators of mobile phone payment intentions apparently did not return. (Kang Zhao)

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