Online education 500 million year-end awards list of the top six

this year, online education tide waves, December 15th, which will be 1 billion to subvert the New Oriental YY with only 1.2 billion acquisition of global online, Jia Lang initially thought it was packaged with the global IELTS, later found wrong, just bought the original global education group, the Pearson Education Group an occupation online education platform. This acquisition is successfully completed, there are several reasons: one is that since 2014 February Pearson China’s new CEO Xiao Hygienix office, DELL is the first English big reform, closed, then no need to get rid of a global school, said a Pearson Education is education from the direction of diversification, slowly shrink to the core business; two. According to rumors of global e-campus turnover of 120 million, then acquired from YY above, this data may have water; three, School of business development has been the bottleneck.

Jia Lang said far back, YY acquired above, more than the income of global e-campus stocks, while December 8th is to own a team of YY education core to the acquisition, with 3 hundred million IELTS teacher Zheng Renqiang team, "Zheng Renqiang and his buddies education science and technology limited company". Congratulations to Zheng total holding a thigh, but no time to happy, YY education above Liu Hongbo from the beginning of the day officially left YY channel, to create independent school. The YY launched in February this year, the independent online education platform 100 education on the 1 billion rhetoric, so there are 5 hundred million who will be? 1 billion YY many people begin do not believe the attitude, when Scarlett Lang gives only an answer: whether to see further action stunt. In fact, from the YY group level, 100 education has risen to the strategic level. While 1 billion of the rhetoric is to be responsible for the market, if you enjoy water after the stock price rise, will enjoy a broken promise after the price drop.

then the question is, who have the opportunity to become a list of YY acquisition single above, who became the 500 million lucky to enjoy YY the year-end bonus, for Scarlett Lang made a six candidate list for reference,

candidate 1: like easy hard 91 foreign teachers


index assumes


acquisition difficulty:

Gong Haiyan Gong Zongsan into online education, finally because of funding chain issues, forced the closure of the ladder network and well network, the only survival is 91 teacher network. Now the 91 teacher network is the spread of CEO has been more than a month out of the office of information, and the 91 teacher network office has become xixisuosuo, is reminiscent of the 91 teachers in the future, is to let the employees worry about 91.

take this opportunity, YY capital into 91 foreign teachers, then no doubt will be life-saving grass, so the acquisition of the 91 foreign teachers network is the easiest. But from another perspective, behind 91 teachers net investors in the NetEase, and from a variety of sources informed that the NetEase and New Oriental is an alliance of three products both NetEase online education: NetEase cloud classroom, Netease Open Class and >

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