Golden Week train tickets on sale 12306 booking system frequent login

15 yesterday, the Mid Autumn Festival, national day double train ticket sale, passengers can book 29 tickets through the Internet, telephone. When the passengers want to grab tickets online shopping, the Ministry of Railways 12306 "off the chain", frequently stuck.

let the passengers felt fooled is, even into 12306 sites, to order tickets, the system cannot show whether reservation immediately, but to wait in line, 1 to 2 hours after he was told to fail or without a ticket booking.

ticket network critical moment drop chain

"I have not logged in, this website how ah?" Mr. Han told reporters yesterday the passenger, he began trying to login 12306 website in the morning, each encounter "the excessive number of visitors, please try again later" prompt. In 15, the Shanghai area of passenger ticket sale, Mr. Zhu is also a successful login, consecutive three failures.

"holiday tickets, time is very important, so how can always buy a ticket?". Reporters learned that the National Day this year, part of the direction of the ticket really hard to get a vote. Reporters yesterday inquiry found that about 15:30 in Shanghai to train all Zhengzhou in just 30 minutes, already showed no ticket, Shanghai to Hefei all EMU tickets are sold out. The railway staff said, Shanghai to Chengdu, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Hankou, Chongqing and other multi direction D prefix, prefix T, K prefix tickets are relatively tight, especially the sleeper and the train ticket will be scheduled to fall in a short time.

during the Spring Festival this year, the Ministry of Railways online shopping site 12306 also suffered a serious login congestion. Many visitors to reflect, booking website login speed is not ideal, there did not deduct the ticket booking and other issues, since the railway department said is to optimize the relevant procedures, improve the facilities, increase the network bandwidth, try to improve work. But the end of the spring has been more than half a year, the Ministry of Railways ticketing site is still in the face of the ticket at the peak of "off the chain".

this year to solve website ticket peak congestion problem, the railway sector in the Shanghai area for the booking service, on September 29th, 30, October 1st and October 5th, 6 days, 7 JCP six days, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanchang to Zhengzhou and Chengdu in four directions of a total of 42 times through passenger train originating ticket reservation booking. However, the actual effect from yesterday, the measure failed to play an effective role in blocking governance.

passengers successfully logged was teasing

yesterday, there are many visitors log in successfully, but after booking encounter is a hoax". The original choice, ticket booking passengers enter the booking system, not like before and immediately confirm the payment, but was prompted to orders need to queue, many passengers according to the experience that has been booking success, just need to wait a moment. As a result, many people are waiting for 1 to 2 hours

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