SARFT network management division involving bribery checked


SARFT network management division director Yang Peihong (Sina pictures)

Yang Peihong checked bribery, the network is the core Department of SARFT network audio-visual licensing regulation and release of the

Caixin [

] (reporter Zhao Hejuan) reporters learned from the parties, the State Administration of radio management organizations (i.e., our media network audio-visual programs management division, hereinafter referred to as the media division) network director Yang Peihong investigation by the police on suspicion of bribery before.

the afternoon of October 18th, the Beijing Xicheng District procuratorate anti corruption Bureau will Yang Peihong away, the next day that has been detained. Yang Peihong’s colleagues told reporters that the new wealth, she has been a long time did not go to work, the current foreign unified view is the vacation, her work temporarily by the network for others.

reasons for Yang bribery, trade rumors and triple play, but according to the new financial reporter, network belongs to the core network audio-visual license issued by the Department, but Yang Peihong did not directly participate in the triple play.

according to the division of administrative functions of the State Administration of radio, radio and television media company is responsible for administration of industry management institutions, network audio-visual program management department is responsible for the administration of Internet audio-visual program management institutions. At present, our media and Internet audio-visual program management office secretary to implement, consists of four Office (room): Office (management department, management department of private institutions) program management office, broadcasting agencies (audio and video products, network communication management department) Management Office (Integrated Services Department).

network communication management has been the core area of new Internet business management in recent years, its functions include network audio-visual program guide service development and promotion, for the establishment of information network audio-visual programs (including IP TV, radio and television, mobile phone network audio-visual program service) business approval and contents of supervision; responsible for cable TV video on demand business approval to supervise the business hotel, VOD; supervision and management of mobile TV, mobile multimedia broadcasting service.

with the development of the Internet and the promotion of triple play, the status of the radio and television is more and more important and sensitive. Internet TV, mobile phone TV, IPTV licenses are currently the industry’s most hot problems, enterprise is a hotly contested spot.

according to the new financial reporter, where the network is in a critical period of the offices together, may be divided into three offices, the license may be independent.

Yang Peihong colleagues, Yang Peihong has more than 40 years, people deal with mild and stable, all the way up is also very stable. Yang Peihong in the Network Management Office (formerly belonging to the social management department) for many years, until 2007 2008, is the deputy director of network, network director Wei Dangjun promoted to deputy director of the media division, Yang Peihong was promoted to the director. Due to Yang Peihong weekdays low-key, the incident, many colleagues are also surprised.

in recent years, the State Administration of radio has rarely issued >

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