Ministry of culture network platform must have a real estate license to anchor registration

, according to the Ministry of culture website news, the Ministry of Culture issued 13 "network performance management approach" will be implemented from January 1, 2017. The "measures" requirements, network performance management unit to the provincial administrative departments of culture for the network culture operation license, does not have the content from the trial and the real-time monitoring capability, not open channel performance; network performance management units should be required to use a valid identity card a real name registration, and take interviews, recording video call and other effective way verify. Network performing business units shall protect the performer’s identity information in accordance with the law.


network performance management units to bear the main responsibility for the units to carry out the network performance management activities, the relevant requirements shall be in accordance with the "Interim Provisions" and "Internet culture management business unit network culture content from the trial management approach", establish and improve the content of audit management system, equipped to meet the self audit needs and qualification audit personnel to set up the management needs of technical supervision measures.

does not have the content of the trial and the ability to perform real-time supervision of the network operating units shall not open the show channel. Failing to take regulatory measures or failing to pass the contents of the self presentation of the network performance products shall not be provided to the public.

network performance management unit for foreign or Hongkong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan region (hereinafter referred to as foreign performers performers) opened channels and provide network performance performance products to the public, should be in the opening of the network channel performance before apply to the Ministry of culture. Without the approval, shall not open the performance channel for foreign performers. To perform a performance channel for domestic performers, the performance channel information shall be filed with the Ministry of culture within 10 days from the day when the performer performs the performing activities.

network performance shall contain the following: "Prohibition of the content contains sixteenth of the" Interim Provisions on the administration of Internet culture; performance of terror, cruelty, violence, vulgar, by performers in physical and mental health; the use of human defects or to display the human mutation way to attract users; to recording etc., against the legitimate rights and interests others performed with animal abuse; etc.; the use of online game products without obtaining the administrative department of culture content review approval number or registration number, the network game show or interpretation techniques.

"measures" on the network performance of the business units also made a request: should strengthen the protection of minors, minors may not harm the physical and mental health. Minors involved in network performances, shall not infringe the rights and interests of minors. In the performance of the channel and the performance of audio and video, marking the operating unit logo and other information. The network performing business units shall, according to the credit rating of the performers, and the types of performances offered, take appropriate measures for the performance channels.

improve the user registration system, save user registration information, and actively take measures to protect user information security. To strengthen the supervision and control of user behavior in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations or service agreements

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