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@ Chen Zimu I worked with a visual designer to develop a web application. He submitted to me the draft design looks very much, so I according to his design draft, with HTML and CSS will be written out of the web application. When I think that everything has been completed, and the product very worried to him when he knew what to say


"you’re all wrong."

really. I didn’t use the font according to his model, so he called me out and told me it was a big mistake. How can I make up for it?

"I don’t know. But now it’s the biggest problem, no doubt."

said, in the past a long time, I have the same different web designers to develop a variety of different sites, which makes me gradually began to focus on Web Design in many small but important details, such as font.

here can briefly introduce a little background knowledge. At present, most of the websites are based on HTML and CSS to develop, if you have no experience, you may need to find a HTML& CSS; the video to learn about, such as 1 hours to create a good experience for personal web pages such as tutorial.

below, is my visual designer professor gave me the font knowledge.

font specification

change the font style to write the most simple way is to change the CSS Font-family attribute, then the browser will read directly on the user’s computer fonts, presumably every website developers are aware of this matter. Generally speaking, there are 12 kinds of common web safe fonts, apart from the relatively special Comic Sans, there are 11 models available in the free font you most types of web site.

if you just stare at the ten characters, it’s too limited. If you are sharp enough, you will consciously adjust the thick lines (light, normal, bold) and the word spacing of the font, for better results. For example, when you use a very thick font in the navigation bar, the compact font spacing will make your site look more professional. On the other hand, if you use a very small font, the page will give you a very sharp, clear feeling.

Another trick of using

is to add a font to the font in the CSS.

In the case of

, the font family is set to Helvetica, and the font size is set to a very fine.


this font case stems from our web application Nomster.

font stack


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