Google currently has 40 language versions


according to foreign media news, so far, there are 40 Google language version of the search.

in 2008, Google’s market share is growing, especially in the United States, has almost occupied most of the market, the world’s first search engine industry.

Google said, we are trying to provide more versions to the user, to let more users can easily use the Google search, the person in charge of Mario · for Europe, the Middle East, Latin America; Queiroz said, we will achieve this goal, let more users worldwide use Google to provide their native language version to the user, easy operation.

Mario said, in fact, sometimes, it is important not to translate tools, query tools, but the language, language barriers will affect the user’s operation. In addition, some applications must be redesigned to meet the consumer habits of different countries.

like Arabia, Israel, these countries, we specifically for them to redesign, modify the Gmail version to meet their different needs.

Google for your language "program began in early 2001, of course, not all countries have their own Google search language version, and consumers in many countries cannot use their own language, Google search.

consumers want to search results, Google can provide almost 98% of the results, of course, there are exceptions to language barriers.

Google this is the attractive place, reason, with most of the search market, of course, there are rumors that Google in the second quarter, and not particularly good results, but Google did not show its second quarter financial statements.

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