Double 11 electricity supplier accused of water record Tmall store was traced to a single brush


November 12th, a courier company in Jiangsu province Nantong City Express warehouse explosion. Figure /CFP

12, a courier company in Jiangsu, Nantong, a busy. Just past November 11th "singles day" has become the first China shopping carnival. "Singles day" turned "Shopping Festival" to express surge. The courier company has taken to increase personnel, work overtime and other means, to ensure timely delivery of the shipment. Figure /CFP

‘s shop named "brush", Tmall said that if the investigation found that the problem will not be punished; the industry said the promotion of electricity supplier powerful


news (reporter Liu Xia Ling the Liu Lanlan) yesterday, Tmall,, Dangdang, Gome online mall and other electricity providers website published the "double 11" all or part of the record, data show that many business day sales an increase of 3 times, even up to 20 times. But Tmall’s stores were exposed to "brush" to flush high sales phenomenon.

sales doubled

sales doubled several times this year, double 11 key words. Tmall double 11 day sales of 13 billion 200 million yuan, nearly $3 billion 360 million last year, nearly $4.

several other electricity supplier website, Dangdang, said double 11 sales of over $100 million, compared with the same period last year, nearly 3 times the growth. The amount of sales of also grew more than 20 times. Gome online mall said sales increased by more than ten times the same period last year, more than 2 times more than 8·, 15 promotions, users visit more than daily growth of more than 5 times. Easy fast net orders for more than 120 million days, an increase of more than 10 times.

as an important participant in the double 11, Jingdong mall told reporters yesterday, said it would not announce the double 11 sales data. Amazon China also said the company will not release data during the promotion.

According to the

parity platform to help 5 to buy data monitoring statistics, "double 11" on the same day, 12 mainstream smart mobile phone (Samsung, apple, HTC mainstream models in the main businesses (B2C),, Jingdong, easy promotion, Kuba) there are 7 intelligent machines, the lowest in the world, there were 3 and Bowser’s low price, there are 1 models of the lowest price of Jingdong in the mall.

sales or have "moisture"

"double 11" although let electricity supplier sales increase, but yesterday’s news that Tmall’s stores have been exposed during the double 11 suspected to "brush" mode of impulse. Scalping refers to the false way to increase sales, do not need the actual purchase.

Tmall shop mercury home textile transaction records, buyers have a one-time purchase of 500 pieces of 6000 yuan bedding. Vico buyers have three textile purchases 150 down by. In addition, the turnover of textiles.

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